Chavistas mourn Bin Laden (Updated)


Well, that didn’t take long.

A mere hours after Barack Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed in a Pakistani mansion, chavista officials were barely hiding their regret over the fate of the man.

Hugo Chávez himself has not made any comments, but his No. 2, Vice-President Elías Jaua, questioned the “ethics” of the killing. He further regretted that “assassinations” are executed and even celebrated, but “diplomatic solutions” are not pursued.

Jaua did qualify his remarks by saying that he was not the spokesman for the government on foreign affairs. But he did say his opinion was consistent with his nature “as a revolutionary.” In other words, the rest of the revolutionaries better have the same “personal” opinion.

Chavista lawyer and big-time apologist Eva Golinger also had to chime in. She related Bin Laden’s death to the attempt on Gaddaffi’s life over the weekend, suggesting it was further proof that political assassinations are US state policy.

Neither Jaua nor Golinger, who is also an American citizen, appeared to have mentioned the victims of 9-11 or any of the other terrorist attacks Bin Laden was behind. Hugo Chávez has expressed his belief that the US government, and not Al Qaeda, was behind the 9-11 attacks.

Update I: Not to be outdone, chavista apologist Cindy Sheehan ups the ante and denies the whole thing even happened!

Update II: Chávez’s party is out condemning the assassination.

Update III: The Foreign Ministry is out with an official press release. While expressing “solidarity” with the victims of 9-11, it calls the murder an act of terror, says Bin Laden was the product of the US’s own policies, and calls him the “pretext” to the war in Afghanistan. It also qualifies this, by saying “assuming that the death is true…” Classic!

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  1. Jaua, if troops go in, get shot at, and then shoot back and kill, it is NOT an assassination. You idiot – or should I say, ass.

    • I’m not siding with Jaua or any other chavista scum, but the order was to kill the guy, not to capture him.

      • Kill/capture. They would have captured him if he surrendered and didn’t shoot back, but I’m guessing no one thought there was any chance of that.

        • Is this debate changed by the US’s admission that OBL was unarmed? (before you start the hating, I don’t, I found their claim that he resisted though unarmed good enough)

          I don’t think it’s right to celebrate anyone’s death (which is what’s been happening in the US at large) and there’s no evidence in anything I’ve read that capturing him was not an option. The fact that he was killed in the raid is a less favorable outcome but not one I think should be criticized on the basis of it being an ‘extra judicial killing’ etc. The guy was a combatant in an armed conflict and thus fair game.

          Now, to say that the US had nothing to do in the guy’s formation, funding, training, etc is naive and so, although I think Venezuelan officials will trip over themselves to say anything against the US there was room in this post for more nuanced opinion.

          I think unfortunate statements have been made by many:
          Obama saying that this proves there’s no limit to what America can do was hilarious, echoes of Churchill saying his compatriots would always do the right thing after exhausting every available option rang true.

          Australias’ Gillard started her address by saying “I welcome the death of OBL’ need I comment? you don’t welcome anyone’s death, you welcome justice being belatedly done, you welcome closure for 9/11 families, you don’t welcome someones death, that’s just petty IMO

          This post strikes a tone I think is appropriate:

  2. Yes, we all know how diplomatic Jaua is. A paragon of even handedness and peace!

    Chavistas are also expressing support for El-Assad in Syria, despite the massacres there.

  3. If the chavistas are angry because of all the celebration over OBL’s death, imagine their blind fury when they see the size of the party we’re going to make when Fidel finally bites the dust (on August of this year).

    By the way, does anyone knows how are the celebrations for July 5th coming along? They’re not going to skimp on the 200th anniversary, are they?

    • “….when Fidel finally bites the dust (on August of this year).”

      Would you mind terribly to share your source for that? Crystal ball, perhaps?

  4. Hugo Chávez himself has not made any comments, but his No. 2, Vice-President Elías Jaua, questioned the “ethics” of the killing. He further regretted that “assassinations” are executed and even celebrated, but “diplomatic solutions” are not pursued.

    Ironically enough, evidence can be found where the Chávez government recently pursued a “diplomatic solution” with regard to a member of a terrorist organization. Venezuela recently deported Joaquin Perez to Colombia after he arrived in Caracas from Europe. Perez was a FARC media operative in Sweden who had acquired Swedish citizenship. Canadian Press via Google News.
    CARACAS, Venezuela — Sweden should explain why a Swedish citizen accused of being a FARC rebel agent was allowed to leave the European country even though Colombia had an order out for his arrest, Venezuela’s foreign minister said Friday.
    The comment came after Sweden asked Venezuela to explain why it wasn’t informed when Joaquin Perez was arrested in Caracas on Saturday and deported to Colombia two days later. Sweden’s Foreign Ministry said Venezuela sidestepped diplomatic custom by failing to notify the Swedish government.
    Venezuela is considering Sweden’s request, but “it’s up to them to respond why they allowed this person to leave their country,” Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro told reporters. He noted Perez was wanted internationally under an order issued through Interpol.
    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has called Perez the most important operative in Europe of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.
    Perez ran a Swedish-based website that serves as the leftist rebels’ news agency and regularly carries FARC statements. However, Perez has denied belonging to the guerrilla group.
    Perez, 55, was captured when he arrived in Caracas on an airline flight from Frankfurt, Germany. Colombian and Swedish officials say he has been a Swedish citizen since 2000, when he renounced his Colombian citizenship……

    It might be inferred that Thugo will pursue “diplomatic solutions” when he realizes the boot is near his ear.

    While whatever Thugo or his minions might say about Bin Laden is plausible based on their previous statements, this deportation of a FARC just off the plane from Europe is in the realm of Alice in Wonderland believability.

  5. Who would have ever guessed that during the Obama administration we would see Bin Laden killed, Gaddafi well on his way to being killed, Mubarak deposed and possibly sentenced to death, Iran, Syria and Yemen in deep crisis and Cuba showing clear signs of transition… Chavista officials cannot be too happy with this, heck, in their place I´d be scared shitless; I´d start considering a vacation (with no return) to Miami´s FBI offices.

    BTW very little has been said in the media about the silent war going on between admedinacrap and the ayatollah.

    • “Who would have ever guessed that during the Obama administration we would see Bin Laden killed, Gaddafi well on his way to being killed, Mubarak deposed and possibly sentenced to death, Iran, Syria and Yemen in deep crisis and Cuba showing clear signs of transition…”

      That empty suit has very little to do with any of it.

      • Correct. All Obama did was to order the planning and execution of the mission, and supervise its implementation. George Bush, of course, deserves all the credit.

    • Ahmadinejerk came out the other day complaining that the ayatollah had not been to work for 8 days!

      What’s the L.O.T say? “3 unexcused absences means you can fire the guy “sencillo”.

      I wonder how much his severance package will be?

  6. They are just following a script with very little context awareness.
    Dead terrorist? Well of course they favour a “diplomatic solution”.
    Other deny 9-11.
    How simple-hearted must one be to take this crap serious?

  7. Slate this morning had a piece condemning or rather admonishing about the celebrations last night in D.C. and NYC. That piece I am now unable to find or got hidden. Did the website do an about-face?
    I must admit that I was expecting a comment during last night’s speech on the lines of “we would had preferred bringing him to justice” (that is, “alive”), but I guess November 2012 looms large…

  8. “El vicepresidente de Venezuela, Elías Jaua, criticó que se celebre la muerte de Osama Bin Laden, y se use el asesinato “como instrumento para la resolución de problemas”.

    “No deja de sorprender cómo se ha naturalizado el crimen y el asesinato, y cómo se celebra. Antes los gobiernos imperiales aunque sea guardaban la forma, ahora la muerte de cualquier individuo, independientemente de lo que se le acuse”, dijo Jaua al canal estatal Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

    Según Jaua, es necesario hacer un “cuestionamiento ético” del acto de celebrar el asesinato “como un instrumento de resolución de problemas” y agregó que “para el imperio ya las salidas políticas y diplomáticas quedaron atrás”.”

    I guess that guy Jaua would be shocked to know that his government officially celebrated the February 4, 1992 and November 27, 1992 coups. More so because those responsible did really murder hundreds of Venezuelans who were at war with no one on those dates, unlike Bin Laden, who was explicitly at war with the U.S.A. What about the apologies for the April 11, 2002 gunmen?

    • loroferoz, it’s murder when a death, or deadly act, doesn’t serve chavista purposes.

      It’s heroism when it does.

      • What makes me wonder, WHO does buy the crap these kinds of guys spout when they try to pass themselves off as power-of-love pacifists?

        Probably the same people who buy Che Guevara T-Shirts and think that they stand for some kind of peace. Kind of… peace of the killed.

        But they have some face on them, you have to concede that.

      • Correct AIO, according to them “el fin justifica los medios”.

        Good is they are aligning themselves in the wrong side of the history.


  9. Bin Laden is a victim of the cruel US empire… but he also was a pawn on the destruction of the USSR… And yet he was a nationalist… With religious and anti-marxist zeal… Argh, What to say, what to think? Simple, keep on bashing the US. That will always be right.

  10. GTAveledo, are you on the side of extreme Muslim intolerance to Western values? What happened to the Marxists who help overthrow the Shaw? You say you learn from history?

    • No, GTAveledo, I think you are just being ironic. Yes, the common thread is anti-USA anything. If you had a multiple choice question:

      Which one does not belong:
      (a) Hugo Chavez
      (b) Moammar Gadhafi
      (c) Osama bin Laden
      (d) Simon Bolivar

      The Answer is (Please Reply)

    • Tlas, if they are anti-american, Why they are so in-love with the products from “el imperio mismo”?

      I think more than anti-americans, they are contradictory by definition. However, that is exactly their strength…That divorce from what they say and what they do, is what let them to act as “capitalistas-salvajes” while proclaiming a supposedly infinite love for peace and for “el pueblo”.


  11. you guys should hear a video of the becerra farc guy, repeatedly calling the venezuelan gvt treatment of “mi persona” as “hijoeputas” including chávez… “a pesar de los mucho que lo he apoyado”.
    last night i tweeted amorín who was already shredding his red djellaba in OBL’s name. what would he semantically call all his victims deaths? and as to gaddafi, i wonder if jaua, golinger, amorín and the rest of the ratpack believe that hiring mercenaries from chad to fire on his own people would make G next in line to the pope? they are absolute hypocrites and cynics.
    all we need now is osama’s bust next to marulanda’s @ 23E ( by the way hitler died on the same day as OBL , so maybe it would be fittin’ to add “el facho bigotucho” to this ensemble) so they can all go and hang flowers around their necks, while the pigeons sh__ on their heads 😉
    ps: and i mean on the ratpack’s heads.

  12. i’m wondering how long would golinger, jaua and the rest like living in afghanistan, pakistan or lybia? maybe she should get a job singing wearing a satin red burqa? i cannot believe their two faced hypocrisy. beating loren sayeh’s face today to a pulp is kosher, but OBL’s or gaddafi? they should have been taken to rome to be made beatos too… :p it makes me so angry >:(

  13. AIO says it in very few words a general consensus of opinions on Jaua. – What can you expect from a “hill billy government”? This jackass, a former guerrilla bandit says these things to please his boss Thugo Chavez. That it´s his revolutionary opinion ,is something else to take note, since it clearly demonstrates what a rogue government Venezuela has at the present moment. – A “Godfathering haven for international terrorism”,which has been proven time and again with their support to FARC and ETA organizations.
    [Thanks for dropping by! -ed]

  14. Here is a gem from the Sheehan link in Slate:

    “Last night I met a military dad who felt that bin Laden’s death meant that his late son, who’d fought in Iraq, had died for something.”

    Who says big lies don’t work. 8 years on and that one still resonates – and the author thinks Sheehan in the one with a problem?!?!?

  15. Had to laugh over the propaganda queen’s narcissism. (Es que habla y habla y no dice nada..) Now Golinger’s listing all the promises made by BHO, none of which have been met, she claims. Hello, airhead. Look around you Missy. Can you list all the electoral promises HCF has met?

  16. Let’s hope that the people in some part of the world celebrate the death of Gearge W. Bush for being a mass murderer. Now tell me that he isn’t?

    As far as Osama bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11. Juan Cristobal, are you so sure? Read this official on the record statement from Dick Cheney:

    “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.”
    —Dick Cheney, “Interview of the Vice President by Tony Snow”, March 29, 2006

    It just proves how gullible you really are. If you bother to surf the net there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Bin Laden died in late 2001. And if you think that summary executions are going to bring peace to the world or solve any problems, then think again. These actions mark the road to more terrorism and more anarchy. Is that what you want? Or has your thirst for “vengeance” clouded your rationality and humanism?

    Honestly, I thought you were more intelligent than writing this disgusting shit.

    Sure, the navy seals killed someone in the compound in Abbotsabad, but it certainly was not bin Laden. CNN said that DNA tests HAD BEEN CARRIED OUT to prove that it was bin Laden. This was less than 36 hours after his “death”. DNA tests take much longer. The corporate media has just given credence to this huge lie and media pantomime which is the launch of Obama’s reelection campaign.

    What a coincidence when I heard on Blooomberg TV this morning: “With Osama bin Laden’s death and the jobs report this week, President Obama is certainly on a roll politically”. Now it looks even more as if the Osama BS was a political ploy for the reelection launch.

    I do not support bin Laden or terrorism but I certainly do not support lies in the corporate media regurgitated by CC when it is patently obvious that this episode is as Hollywoodesque and Ramboesque as you can get.

        • Adrytatoo,

          Because Hugo El Chiquito wants to use the DNA stuff for political purposes and he just doesn’t know how to spin it.

          See: the staff from IVIC has been told that it is completely VERBOTEN to say anything about the findings. Only Hugo El Chiquito can tell us because Hugo is our link to God Bolívar.

          What the scientists have been able to find out so far is that the bones may have been Bolívar’s bones, after all, that those bones came from a guy whose DNA profile was mostly Spanish (as most Venezuelans even now) with some on the mother side from other origin (which is no surprise at all if you consider we are talking about the mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s origin.

      • Bin Laden was not respo0nsible for 9/11. Cheney said so. See my first post. Internet is full of reports of Bin Laden’s death in 2001. There is even a YouTube video of Benazir Bhutto confirming it. So who was killed on May 1st – some poor individual “thought to be” (this is how the BBC of London puts it) Osama Bin Laden.

        No importa. If you feel good wallowing in lies and propaganda – be my guest. Bin Laden being killed by heroic navy seals on May 1st is just as true and the Saddam WMD stories put out by the White House. in 2003. Result – millions killed but for you, NicaCat56, this is a price worth paying.

        • Arturo,
          And US astronauts have not arrived to the moon and Elvis is alive and as your big leader, milico Chávez, said, Idi Ami was just a nationalist and mankind is just 2000 years old. What’s next?

          BBC? My foot. Please check the video I put here, from the start (BBC):

          Also: if you care, read what Al Jazeera is saying about Osama’s daughter etc. There is interesting material about the ongoing interrogation in Spiegel (use Google tools to read)

          Finally: a real journalist like Robert Fisk knows better. And he is not your crappy rojo-rojito Walter Martínez, who is not much better than Glenn Beck…just with another badge colour
          People like you were spreading those leaflets about the Elders of Zion in Russia one century ago.

        • Pasaron a Bin Laden por las armas and I’m supposed to feel bad about it? Gimme a break. Some people are just such stains on this earth that they deserve to die, plain and simple. And leave the conspiracy theorists to late-night talk radio. Next thing you know Arturo will be denouncing the Taliban and the Mormons for being in league with Charlie Sheen in a plot to overthrow the Chavez government. You’re not gifted with some privileged knowledge and the rest of us aren’t sheeple, idiots or whatever you want to call us today. You’re the one in need of a mental health professional.


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