Enter the lady

Congresswoman María Corina Machado has apparently entered the opposition’s primary fight.

Her campaign slogan? ¡Viene María!

I’m in no position to judge whether or not that slogan is going to work. It’s either brilliant or disastrous. Either way, it’s catchy, and it gets people talking.

Machado has a few things going for her, namely:

a) She’s the only female in the group, and a smart, good-looking one at that;

b) She’s the only one in the group who can seriously claim to have never been a part of a political party, either old or new; and

c) She is adored by a segment of the opposition’s base that has been feeling a bit neglected the past few months.

Say what you will, but many successful campaigns have started off with a lot less than that.

I also hear that she’s hired a slick publicity team, and has incorporated a promising young politician into her inner circle.

She’s a long-shot, and she appears to be a polarizing figure, but she should not be underestimated.

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