Straw Poll


It means nothing, and yet:

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    • Apparently the secret captahuellas Jorge Rodríguez installed in your trackpad has a bluetooth connection to your DirecTV receiver which could be used to wirelessly report the coordinates of the 802.11 flashcard on your laptop directly back to Chávez’s colostomy bag. Honest, my engineer cousin told me they can totally do that…

    • Is your vote secret? Depends on where you voted, Juan. If you live in any number of towns and barrios, in Venezuela, the answer is: your vote will be altered by chavistas. That’s what thousands in my personal network have told me is happening. And I believe them.

    • “Is my vote secret?” Nope. On election day, maybe, but on this one, no. Don’t listen to Quico, he’s making fun of those who know what they’re talking about just because others don’t.

    • I did! I’m assuming that Aristobulo will be the candidate of the PSUV for 2012, and who better than Ledezma to kick his sorry hide once again? 😉

  1. I’m starting to think Rosales checks this blog..and just voted for himself.

    Maybe too much to ask, but did Machado get a spike after you post of her new slogan?

  2. I voted for MCM. I just want to experiment a woman as Venezuelan president (just like the US, better an “afrodescendiente” than a woman)…
    Unfortunately, you should vote for “el menos malo” with the best chance to beat Chavismo.

  3. Change the question for “If the Presidential elections were tomorrow, I’d vote for” and include Chavez among the options. It’s a mere exercise, costs nothing and is the acid test for any of the names included in your list.


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