The Votes are In!


Everyone loves the new layout!

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  1. What? I can’t believe it. Did you use the software the CNE uses to count votes?

    Last time I checked out it was like 2 to 1 against the new layout.

  2. I have but one gripe: to go to previous or next articles I have to go down a lot (to the end of the blog post). There used to be a link on top of the article to be able to navigate…

  3. I agree with Kepler. I smell a fraud!

    Quico probably got a whole bunch of non readers new cedulas and got them to vote for the new layout in exchange for those cedulas…..

    I’m contacting the UN!!!!!

  4. A great day for democracy!

    I just got off the phone with Jimmy Carter and he certified the election as free, fair and transparent.

  5. I, for one, never saw the poll. Looks like others did, too. Where’s the poll?
    Another complaint: font is larger on the comments than it is on the posts, which for 40+ eyes is an unecessary strain.

    • That’s because you were prevented from registering overseas in the QNBE (Quiconsejo Nacional Blog Electoral), so your vote wouldn’t count, even if you did vote, which you didn’t, because you couldn’t, because it wasn’t a poll, it was a referendum, which was re-counted, but it wasn’t there to begin with, even if others did see it, and if you did sign, you are now on a list, which doesn’t exist, except to bar you from working.

      Get it? Got it? Good!

      Carry on, then!

  6. Guys,
    Obviously the results were tampered with. Quico is sending a message here : el blog es un blog pacífico, pero no desarmado. Jefe es jefe!

  7. A mí me parece lamentable que la ultraderecha escuálida esté montando un show mediático para crear una matriz de opinión.

  8. No cut and paste even remotely visible there…definitely looks like an official CNE count. Well, except for the fact that results actually add up to 100% (with nothing more than a rounding error).

    I suggest taking protests to the IACHR, since their opinions are oh-so-effective in Venezuela.

  9. I don’t understand the controversy. In Linux, the new Layout looks very pretty! Maybe ’cause I have imported Güindous (cha)Vista fonts, or maybe is the very cute Ubuntu font.
    Now, make a full RSS of the contents please!

  10. Fonts look ok here in Windows XP using Chrome. It does look better in Windows 7 running Internet Explorer. Also looks fine under Linux in Opera (my primary machine). Might it have something to do with your browser not supporting embedded fonts?

    • They went to Morrocoy to drink whisky con agua de Coco, so they really didn’t see the “poll” until it was too late.

      Except for Syd, who claimed the poll was invisible…….

  11. I got it:

    the weight for those votes coming from the IExplorer browser AND/OR (Mac OR Linux) OS is twice the weight from Windows and a fourth from votes from ( (Firefox browser on Windows) OR ( Linux && IP from Europe ) ).

    This is called QuicoMandering

  12. As a pollster, I read “Meh” as the Spanish “Regular,” meaning, I’d rather not offend you, but it kinda sucks. So I give this new frilly layout a 56% negative rating. Go back to the old one, puh-leeze. Looks effete, lacks authority, too much white space.

  13. Two negative comments about the new system.
    1) It doesn’t do blockquotes. “

    2) It doesn’t do the funny face. “:)”
    As the new system has fewer capabilities, it is a downgrade. It sucks.


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