Random chavista paper makes stuff up, Juan gets tangled up

Allegory of Juan this morning

So Juan got a bit tangled in the weird round of allegations and denials about the Venezuelan football team’s supposed – but false – troubles getting a U.S. visa. It’s of no import.

The real story here – far from new, but made more plainly visible than is usual today – is that Chavista-rag Ciudad Caracas just plain made up the original story out of whole cloth and AVN ran with it without checking. (And, on their heels, Globovision, media mundo, and Juan.) Didn’t they stop to think how easy it would be to prove wrong? Are any neurons firing over there?

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  1. Wait! Perhaps it ran because it was plausible? I know it was easily verified; but everyone’s heard those horror stories about stacks of requirements, high-piracy fees paid and visas denied at the U.S. consulate, and it used to be that August was slow in news. Not that I want to defend pasquines, but as you said Quico, it is of no consequence…

  2. And that’s the distraction of today in venezuela. Yesterday was the new “insular territory”. Tune in tomorrow to find out what stupidity will keep us ignoring the real issues that matter.

  3. Distractions! that is the right approach! ….potes de humo, ya prearados y programados desde hoy hasta las elecciones….

  4. Er, has nobody else noticed that the price of oil has fallen $15 in a little over a week, including nearly dropping $5 today? Or is it that everyone just assumes this is a blip and it’ll be back to $100 in a couple of weeks?

  5. Well, FT, Juan is not the only one here who has fallen for a fake piece of AVN (V as in Venecubana?). Probably you forgot about this post you published in the twin site, but I haven’t:


    This fake cable did not exist. It was reported by AVN and nobody else because it is just a fabrication. Like you say, it’s quite simple to fact-check the new. I guess you and Juan can now share a piece of humble pie 😉 yum!

    • Man, inferiority complexes just keep seizing the moment.

      Too bad y’all don’t have the balls (or skill) to make permanent record of your opinions.

      • and so begins the psychological projection…

        I dunno, but if FT can criticize the newspapers and Juan for their lack of seriousness, anybody can do the same to him. Con la vara que midas serás medido, no?

        regarding my lack of balls/skills to make a permanent record of my opinions, well, why bother with another crappy blog when I can comment in someone else’s? 😉

        • Juan se enredó. Eso pasa hasta en las mejores familias. When you’re a blogger, you have no editors, no fact checkers, no proof-readers, none of the institutional aparataje newspapermen have to catch mistakes before they’re printed. So mistakes get published on blogs, inevitably. Sophisticated blog readers grasp that.

          You judge a blog’s seriousness not by whether it makes mistakes or not – mistakes are inevitable when you write a blog. You judge it by whether those mistakes are corrected promptly when they come to the blogger’s attention.

          Now, you peaked my interest with the Ismael García thing. Originally, Ismael had denied THAT THE WIKILEAK CABLE WAS TRUE, not that it existed at all. But now as I look through the Wikileaks website, you’re right, I can’t find it! I’ll look into this, and will be happy to clarify if AVN did indeed just make up the cable.

          Though, in my defence, I do have to stress that my original post about this was clearly conditional (“IF this is true, THEN…”) I mean, it’s in the headline…

          • Moraleja: Agencia Venecubana de Noticias is a practical joke at its worst. El Chigüire is a reliable source compared to those hacks. Double or triple check the source if it comes from AVN or any crappy business financed by chavistas…
            De resto, business as usual: if internet says so, it MUST be true… 😉

      • Thanks Pedro,

        I hadn’t found it. The truth is indeed much stranger than fiction – and it’s crazy that the chavista press, of all corners, should be the one airing this memo: if anything, it shows again and again that the U.S. government doesn’t do what chavismo constantly accuses it of doing, even though they’re under pressure to!

        ps: Ismael García should resign.

      • Hat tip for the golden nugget… So:
        – FT was right.
        – It seems I can’t google right!
        – Semana and not El Espectador has the Cables. That’s news for me…
        – Under this circumstances, Ismael should resign.

  6. i don’t get why on earth juan believed anything a random chavista tabloid expressed… you have to take anything that comes from that particular horse with a ton of salt…. just sayin’

    • I didn’t realize the news was coming from AVN, I picked it up from Globovision and thought it was from them.


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