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There’s something grimly funny about this story on reactions to Mario Silva‘s whacked out personal attack on Miguel Henrique Otero..and something pathetic, heart-rending about its studious avoidance of repeating the phrase that obviously brought it all about.

Listen, there’s ever so much to question about our darling El Nacional editor. His dear mum’s livelihood strategy or her attitude to Sex Work as an occupational choice is…erm…not one of them.

But La Hojilla? If it’s not in the deepest, darkest recesses of the gutter, they’re just not interested…

Mario…Mario…Mario…if we didnt have you, we’d have to invent you.

If a democratic Public Sphere is like a garden, a frail space for cultivation under constant threat from an ever encroaching wilderness that therefore needs constant care and love and devotion if it’s ever going to grow, prosper and nourish the intellectual community it seeks to sustains, then Mario Silva is a plague of locusts.

Nadie puede con eso, mi hermano…and one guesses that’s the point…

Correction: duhhh…

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  1. “If a democratic Public Sphere is like a garden…”

    Not a good simile, since plants need fertilizer. And fertilizer is something Mario Silva provides lots of on a daily basis.

    And while we’re pontificating, when and why did the word “bitch” (aka female dog) become the worst possible insult for a woman? (Well, behind the “C” word). Female dogs are some of the loveliest animals on earth. Put anything puppy-like in front of them and they instantly turn into the most caring, motherly creatures on the planet, selflessly willing to face fires, tornadoes, and rampaging grizzly bears to protect their puppies.

  2. It’s very disappointing to see MHO spoiling his case by demanding that Mario Silva go to jail and his programme be shut down. There may wel be other reasons for imprisoning MS, but defamation should not be punished with a prison term, and a supposed advocate of freedom of expression should know better.

  3. This barely qualifies as a grade-school squabble, and here we have what was once one of the nation’s great newspapers obsessing about it.

  4. Mario Silva is a freak. Were not Chavez in government paying him to spew hate, you would only hear about him… where was he before Chavez came to power and choose him? Nobody can recall… In fact, what we need to see is Mario Silva minus government money, and a guaranteed slot in VTV to brown-nose to Chavez.

    How long do you give him before he sinks back into obscurity?

    • It really takes reading something like that to remind yourself of how far gone our public sphere is. Man!

      And yeah, there’s no devastating like Economist devastating.


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