Where were you seven years ago?

August 15th, 2004. The day of the failed Recall Referendum against Hugo Chavez.

For months we planned, we signed, we went to Reparos, we trusted that we had the majority.

And the day came, and we thought we had won, and Quico made his pitch for Avenida Presidente Carter, and Carrasquero, in the middle of the night, punctured our dreams and sent us into a tailspin. Carter came and went, Jennifer McCoy gave us her auditoria en frio, Cesar Gaviria ended his months-long Caracas sojourn, Hausmann and Rigobon gave us their black swans, and for a moment we all became experts in Benford’s Law.

Have we recovered? Have we gotten over it?

Seven years. Seven long years.

(HT: Puzkas)

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