Worst. Pinchazo. EVER!

VTV’s charming habit of broadcasting evidence to incriminate itself of illegal wiretapping has crossed some kind of chavista loopiness Event Horizon.

At this point, the old take on the tapes (“this stuff is clearly, brazenly illegal enough to make James Murdoch’s head spin!”) has gone stale, so now we’re judging each illegal tape on its individual merits.

And man, just on grounds of obscurity of participants, non-controversiality of contents and total absence of news value or any imaginable public interest justification for publication, you could make a good case for the clip above as the worst pinchazo ever.

But that’s not even what clinches it. What clinches it is that if you listen to it, the pinchazo runs directly counter to the government’s propaganda line on the opposition!

Remember how the MUD is supposed to be swimming in gringo cash? That was their attack line this week, right? Erm…according to the tape, esa vaina lo que da es dolor – they can’t even afford to put together a street event.

And no less an authority than Nikel thinks so, so you know it’s true…