Pablo Pérez has another bite at the launch cherry [Updated]



UPDATE: Replaced clip with longer clip of the same speech. Snark after the jump…

4:22 – He name checks Doña María Teresa Castillo – in the middle of the world’s most ham-fisted feminist screed.

6:45 – He plays the Electric Fines for an applause line. Hmmmmm…

7:30 – Turns out Manuel Rosales is still an applause line in UNT-land…

10:15 – “Mi atención, mi respeto y mi participación” para los que militen en el PSUV. The guy’s on the reconciliation bandearon for sure.

11:20 – Vinotinto love-in.

12:02 – When he says he’s a man of “peace”, the PAZ sounds like Batman-onomatopeia…”WHAM!” “BANG!” “PAZ!”

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  1. Of course, he should be judged on the basis of the whole speech, but there’s not much to praise from this extract: no improvement over the classical adeco-Rosales standard speech; the government seems to be just another of the usual “bad” governments, with no mention of the socialist-communist underlying project. The party leaders don’t look very happy, as if they were having second thoughts.

    • “no mention of the socialist-communist underlying project.”
      Yes- frankly I don’t like the ranting style, screaming loudly,
      about to lose his voice-waving his fists-like a some guy who
      is angry to find out someone has been seeing his wife…
      and he knows who it is-but would not dare call their name..
      So-this is an act? He’s a fake?
      His suit- yuck!!

  2. Guys dont waste your time covering Pablo Perez. The guy has no chance whatsoever.
    He is seen as el segundon of Manuel Rosales, the one that threw the towel a minute after the CNE gave the results, the one that is living in Peru, the one that keeps saying thats coming back next week….
    On top of all that Pablo Perez has little charisma.

    • let me put it this way, if PP wins the primaries, there will be elections in 2012 and Chavez will win.

      If HCR or MCM win the primaries, Chavez will suspend the elections and will start shooting people around

  3. Methinks HCR has something to worry about… PP sounds like the politicians people have been used to all their life, in the long line of Betancourt, Caldera and Perez but without the adeco baggage–unlike Ledezma. Nothing too threatening or disconcerting, way more “criollo” than HCR or LL or MCM. Plus he looks like a beefy telenovela star.

    Is this the Venezuelan Rick Perry, craziness aside?

  4. Cuba-again-remains on the State Departments List of State Sponsors of Terror.
    So,Rep. David Riviera asks:
    “In recent years, the Castro regime has also established and developed …a deep-seeded relationship with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez— considered [a] threat to the United States.”-
    “We should treat the Castro regime as the terrorism sponsors that they are. The Obama Administration should not encourage the free flow of American dollars to support a brutally oppressive regime that we count among the four most dangerous dictatorships in the world.”
    Question: for Pablo Perez- what do you say about the relationship between
    Cuba and Venezuela -and for that matter-between Venezuela and Iran.?
    (Juan-is this question “too complicated”?)

    • Indirectly, PP may have answered your question when he said: “Nuestro ingreso petrolero no puede ser utilizado … para estar regalando el dinero a otros países.” And then at 06:32, he said: “.. queremos un país de propietarios y no de ocupantes.”

      • Why -indirect- if you think he did ? Why not come out and say it.
        And, yes – he kept mentioning oil..then he looked up somewhere,
        shook his fist and ranted on,…if he intended to mention these
        things – I did not hear it..

        • by indirect, I meant that PP is careful not to attack individuals (except for the pájaro del mal agüero — otra indirecta) or nation states. Rather, he frames his comments against the current government’s practice of favouring (many) other nations, including Cuba, rather than using those resources to develop infrastructure at home.

          It’s called politics, Charlie.

          • I certainly agree with that-re. Chavez has
            “given away” 33 billion!
            Sounds like Chavez broke the law, why doesn’t
            Pablo come out and say that?

  5. PP seems to be the reincarnation of adequismo, or strong man in a traditional suit with a social conscience, with ties to ‘el interior’ and with no overt ties to the military.
    He displays the courage of his convictions through a message that has integrity, well conceived and well delivered. Politically, he’ll be favoured in his home state, plus Parapara, meaning all areas beyond Caracas-Valencia that want to change their red wardrobe.
    Interesting. Thank you, Quico, for that updated version.

  6. Syd, not meaning to debate-but don’t you think he comes across “borderline
    thug wannabee”- strong.-almost violent, I don’t like screaming, cracking voice.
    Waving fists, -yes- of course- any politician can mention jobs, and patriotism
    and get cheers- but -what else- can he control his emotions and really
    put forth a message of substance? Doesn’t look and sound like a winner to me…

    • Yes, Charlie, you’re right. PP does seem to have thuggish tendencies. At least on the podium. (I don’t know enough about him in other political spheres.) And yet, his message is strong and clear and inclusive — qualities very much needed at this time. I’m reminded of the vehemence from Alan García II, before a threat of a Chávez intromission. That vehemence was very much needed at that time.

      Now, if the other candidates, as lovely as they may be, can deliver with similar conviction a similarly cohesive message, framed for all, including those in Parapara, then MUD will prove to be a powerful magnet, come election time.

      Oh and P.S. debate is fine with me.

  7. i feel…and think, that this beefy looking soap opera hunk, could well prove to be the polarizing omega to the HCR’s alpha. and why not? LL is still in CIDH limbo, and MCM is still 1.5 ( CC dixit) so it gets more interesting. i wouldn’t go bashing any of them so hard, when either of the top tier could well be your -and mine- next president. just saying’…


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