Never! Never ever! Never in a million years! Never, you hear?!…NEVER! Ok, just this once.


Newsflash: Hugo Chávez vows never to recognize any government in Honduras Libya other than Zelaya’s Gaddafi’s.


The pathos, the isolation, the sheer ranting lunacy is really reaching a very worrying level here. It fazes the guy not at all to be the only ally Gaddafi has left anywhere in the world.

Evo won’t go there. The Castro Brothers won’t go there. None of the 4th world African leaders Gaddafi has spent four decades cultivating, donating money to and generally bankrolling will go there. No Arab leader will go there. No muslim leader will go there.  Not even the Bahraini royal family will go there.

But Hugo’s there. With bells on.

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  1. And yet I am somehow dissapointed. I expected Hugo to be more supportive of this bloke. Hugo once almost visited him, but suddenly changed plans . Other than that, Hugo does fulfill our expectations for nutty dictator.

  2. It is purely for internal consumption. Hugo’s “support” didn’t come with monetary, logistical, political, or military assistance. He simply wants to be seen as the supporter of anyone opposed the “imperialists”. In this area, he lives in a purely black and white, two-dimensional world, and doesn’t seem to understand that the Cold War ended more than twenty years ago.

  3. Heehee….

    If Chavez ends up providing asylum to Gaddafi, Mugabe, and a few more “retired” dictators, and they and end up on Margarita Island, we can call it Jurassic Park.

  4. Pa’ ridiculo y faramallero no hay quien le gane a un Venezolano…

    Definitely, and here’s objective proof.

    It’s not that… that every nationality will moan about their countrymen/women being this and that. I know, U.S. Americans and Italians and many others will say something to the effect of the lack of self-consciousness of their countrymen. Italians have Berlusconi…

    But we have the only leader in the world that can’t get it that the show is OVER. Before Hugo of the Many Antics, we had CAP. What else? Oh, Lybians had (Ga)Daffy, true…

  5. It fazes the guy not at all to be the only ally Gaddafi has left anywhere in the world.

    Not quite. You can always count on the other Stooges to follow Curly Hugo’s lead.

    From the BBC Libya live text:

    0215: Nicaragua says it would be happy to offer political asylum to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, an aide to President Daniel Ortega has said, AFP reports. But no such request has yet been made.

    0215: “If someone were to request asylum we would have to give a positive answer because (Nicaraguan) people were granted asylum when people were being murdered by (Nicaragua’s Anasatasio) Somoza dictatorship,” Bayardo Arce, the president’s adviser for economic affairs, told reporters.


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