Somebody's watching … and recording


My new favorite blog is Monitoreo Ciudadano. The decent folks there are putting up a nice little stock of videos, documenting the use of government media – from good’ol VTV to the unwatchable ANTV – for partisan purposes.

It’s good to put things in perspective, just to get a sense of the scale of abuse we’re talking about. Imagine if the Obama administration were to use C-Span to trash the Tea Party in ways that would make Keith Olbermann blush. That’s what VTV and ANTV do, day in and day out.

For example, take a look at this ditty from ANTV.

How very institutional of them.

Godspeed, Monitoreo Ciudadano!

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  1. Is there a single Institution worthy of the name left in any of the ordinary administrative branches of the PSUV party, formerly known as the branches and powers of Venezuelan government?

    This video looks like something out of Avila TV.

    I am not surprised by the obvious propaganda. Worse yet, I am sadly not surprised either by the lack of any pretense of institutionality by ANTV in airing this pamphlet.

    • And the AN site? Same stuff.
      I wonder: wouldn’t it be worth it to send some of this stuff to OAS, UE and people like El País with open letter to the government saying “the world is watching you”?

    • The Monitoreo Ciudadano guys do an important cataloging and categorizing job. Not to laugh at them, but…

      Given the appalling state of so-called State media, it actually seems that the Monitoreo guys might just limit themselves to stream the sorry signals, with just about enough editing to take out stock footage and repetitions. Nowadays all the output seems propaganda.

  2. this is simply magnificent. The shamelessness leaves you… flabbergasted. Now, is this posing as information or as an editorial?, not that it would be an excuse for what we have just seen an heard, but it would be nice to know.

    These are the kind of little things that will make my stomoach churn once there is talk of “reconciliación nacional”, and “todos somos venezolanos”. we will have to swallow plenty of this when the time comes.

  3. y dale con el Obama este Juan Cristoforo: estas peor q Hugo broder,,y no sigas delirando q el negrito ni bolas les va a parar….menos ahora ocupado como esta viendo a q otro pais bombardear y volvier mierda, y de paso en plena carrera presidencial gafo.
    Y ya van a salir los pendejos: “But America is obviously very different from Venezuela,,, Or is it?” Aja, tu pais sonado….The United States has been in a declared state of emergency from September 2001, to the present, hahaha..
    yes, yes,,,los terroristas musulmanes.
    Ahora a lo medio gringo: keep drinking Kool_Aid. ha!..>>>>>>In Criollo: cuerda de huevones!

  4. Wow….clearly that video was made by an unexperienced 15-year old too. I’m also pretty sure a lot of those images used are copyrighted.

  5. I think the message at 2:50 should precede the presentation.

    I also think there should be an additional message that counters the MOCKERY of a government , which insinuates that the private sector should still be taxed at 15%, in spite of that private sector having less resources than the UNTAXED government, to carry out and offset a government-imposed hiring of youth.

    And by the way, is it just now, 12 years on, that the government is getting around to including the youth in its job creation plans?

  6. Eduardo, eso no es nada! look at the recent attacks on Alvarez Paz, Borges, and MC Machado as they go around the country. Expect these attacks to grow in number and intensity until… , until we begin to see injuries and even fatalities normal, and then Police and other peace officers stand aside and watch. We then degrade to zimbawe leves and its down hill from there.

    THe venom and hatred that has been sowed in the last 13 years will reap its crop.


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