It's a kind of magic…


This one is straight from the por-eso-es-que-estamos-como-estamos file: the money the government spends building schools ends up funding…Santería shrines.

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  1. OK, I’ll bite (strange that after a day absolutely no-one has wanted to comment on this one), btw nice Freddy Mercury allusion in the title.

    I may be getting way in over my head but… in my foreigner’s mind, Santeria, Maria Lionza, those people who dress in white, or the thousands of people I see everyday with the green and yellow beaded bracelets, or the ones with the smoking malandro with gun tucked into his belt statues at home, ones who leave fruits and sweets in front of the doll statue so their house gets filled with ant trails (I don’t think that’s the point, but it’s definitely a consequence) all over, are all for me, part of the ‘same shit, different bucket’.

    I for example get very confused when an aunty I know take’s her sick child to the witch doctor for explanations, when her (very well paid) job is selling and promoting pharmaceutical’s to real doctors in real hospitals and she has excellent health insurance! go figure.

    But these I mentioned (and more I guess I probably have no clue about) all add up a major part of the Chavista vote. Check out the last paragraph “The Pantheon” on where it has listed out all the ‘Courts’ of this religion and compare them to the topic/rhetoric spoken/preached about on any given Alo Presidente. Tell me he is not delivering his ‘socialist’ sermon to this underclass in a way that he is mixing parts of their religions with socialist propaganda, and more or less he ends up as a messiah figure.

    Shit slinging begins in 3, 2, 1….

    • Put an untrained pidgeon in a cage. Attach a button that provides feed every time the button is pushed. You will soon see the pidgeon pressing the button for food, at will.

      Put another untrained pidgeon in another cage. Attach a timer that provides feed every 10s. You will soon see the pidgeon performing a strange, repetitive dance that lasts 10s. Over time, the dance keeps evolving slightly, especially the ending. The reasoning is that when the feed drops, the pidgeon associates whatever it was doing just before the feed appeared with the drop of feed, thinking the coincidence was the cause. So the pidgeon does the behavior again. Since the feed doesn’t come out, it starts doing something else, and then it comes out. The pidgeon makes a new association, and begins stringing a series of behaviors that at some point it had done just before the feed came out, into the strange dance we observe after some time.

      Thus, some explain superstitious behavior: correlation implying causation.

      You’re right, chavez is making political use of it, but my bet is that he is victim of it, too.


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