Your move, Luisa Estella


The Interamerican Court on Human Rights has just announced that Leopoldo López should be allowed to run for President. Supposedly, these rulings are binding in Venezuela.

No idea what comes next, but if confirmed, this is a significant development.

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  1. hi juan it was fun to watch maduro scramble in the midst of a finger pointing diatribe ” y querueda de prensa” towards USA ´s drug use to cover for the “4 cowboys of the apocalypse” when he got word of the CIDH ruling in favor of LL. i’d like to see luisa star scramble out of this one, or… well, not her really, rather “great chief coco pelao’ quién te peló? una vijeita de boconó” … ñac ñaca. out of this one.
    from @HimiobSantome
    Extracto Art. 31 de la Constitución: “El Estado ADOPTARÁ, conforme a procedimientos establecidos en esta Constitución y en la ley, las medidas necesarias para DAR CUMPLIMIENTO a las decisiones de los órganos internacionales”

  2. Luisa: “La interpretación damos a la norma es que esos acuerdos deben ser revisados por la Constitución (…) Venezuela no puede aceptar la ejecución de sentencias que violen nuestra Constitución”

    Constitución Art. 31: “Toda persona tiene derecho, en los términos establecidos por los tratados, pactos y convenciones sobre derechos humanos ratificados por la República, a dirigir peticiones o quejas ante los órganos internacionales creados para tales fines, con el objeto de solicitar el amparo a sus derechos humanos.

    El Estado adoptará, conforme a procedimientos establecidos en esta Constitución y la ley, las medidas que sean necesarias para dar cumplimiento a las decisiones emanadas de los órganos internacionales previstos en este artículo.”

    So I guess if CIDH ruled that Venezuela must not implement its rulings, Luisa would have to ignore that ruling to preserve the constitution’s art. 31, explicitly mandating her to implement them…is your brain scrambled yet?

  3. I really don´t know what you guys expect, the Constitution nowadays is toilet paper, and will continue being treated as such… If these people are smart they´d let LL run and have him fight off HCR, if they are smarter they´ll bar HCR and PP from running along with LL…

    Anything is possible at this point.

  4. What next? Hmm, let me see… Chavez rants about the CIDH being a tool of the imperialists, threatens to leave again, and in the end no one does anything. Meanwhile Lopez gets himself hot and bothered whilst the rest of the opposition does nothing & refuses to draw attention to a potential competitor ahead of the primaries.

    End result: status quo.

  5. This is a very significant ruling. It applies to everyone who has been arbitrarily prevented from running for office. If the decision is not followed by Chavez, there is no possible claim that he can be fairly re-electef. It will be one more step towards the Gaddafi precipice. I believe more than 800 people have been kept from running by this procedure.

      • It only applies to the LL case, although I have not read the text of the sentence, several twitter sources have confimed that the judges decided to rule in this specific case, and the decision is not binding to other “inhabilitado” cases.

  6. I have read the decision. Among other things, it orders Venezuela to amend its legislation to bring it into conformity with the Convention. This must be done “within a reasonable time”. Since the legislation under which these decisions were made is unConstitutional or unConventional, the decisions made under it have no legal effect. Each and every person dishabilitado would have a legal remedy, should anyone attempt to enforce the previous law against them.

    Since they would be entitled to a remedy, it is clear that the decision formally includes them within its ambit. Whether the Venezuelan state will proceed lawfully is an entirely separate question.,0,198863.story. The substance of the decision can be gleaned from the last pages, under the heading DISPONE:


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