Setty takes me to Scam Academy

Oh man I laughed with this one. Arevenca’s scam is too baroque to summarize here: let’s just say that they make Ovarb look like Lloyd’s of London. Be sure to read Setty’s hilarious fisking of this whole preposterous affair.

For now, I loved this bit (picked almost at random) from their Press Release:

This agreement, which surely, will impose changes in the oil market, establish new ways of doing business, provides for the sale, supply, refining and marketing of crude oil and fuel for civil aviation, as well as other products derived from this raw material, to meet the internal demand of People’s Republic of China, carry out supplies to the United States, the European Union and Nations of South America, such as Brazil, Suriname and Guyana.

Apparently, the $200 billion a year this company nobody has never heard of is supposed to get out of the world’s biggest ever oil deal (signed, funny coincidence, with another company nobody’s ever heard of) wasn’t quite enough to cover a minimally competent translator.

chamo, people fall for this stuff!

Update: Shockingly, Spanish news agency EFE bought it hook line and sinker!

"Auer bisnus iis truu bisnus..." (1:08)

Didn’t these EFE flunkies find it even a little bit suspicious that they were reporting the largest deal in the history of one of the world’s leading industries and there were a grand total of two journalists in the room!?!?

Actually, I can’t stop looking at that video…it’s mesmerizing!

“Auer bisnus ees troo bisnus…” (1:08)

Good thing that’s settled then…