Omigod, Omigod, Omigod!


Less than three! Less than three!

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  1. Quico, being featured in El Chigüire is the Venezuelan equivalent of appearing on The Simpsons.

    Congratulations! you are famous! (at least among Venezuelans who speak english, have two masters, and use words like shenanigans on a daily basis)

  2. You’ll mean a prize, unless you’re thinking about selling the kid. In that case I’m sure the Interpol Trafficking Division would like to have a word with you Pixar.

    Before you pour your rage on me, it’s just a joke, you know, the daily shenanigans.

  3. You are going Mainstream … or as Mainstream as this can get. Make sure you change your passwords frequently and be careful with the apps you authorize in Facebook.

    Congrats !!!

  4. Quico,

    You need to edit the post and include the legendary CAP picture brincando pozos as it is displayed in El Chigüire.

    Otherwise you don’t get the deja vu effect for the Venezuela Saudita.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Did the Chiguire said “two readers” instead of “two writers” or was it referring of “just two readers”?
    BTW it was a pretty well done description of Venezuela’s media…but one almost needs two masters to get it, Chiguire….

  6. On second thought, it was not THAT clever on the CCs part. In fact, all the other boxes had CAP news rewritten with the appropriate editorial policy whereas CC’s box just contained a general statement, nothing about how the CAP news would have been written by the CC’s bloggers.

    The Chiguire was almost perfect, but not quite.

    Chiguirito, you need to work harder!

  7. Amazing how true that graph is!! Leave it to El Chiguire to tell it like it is, Venezuelan media is a joke, and a pretty funny/tragic one at that!

    Gotta love Ravell Jr making fun of Ravell Sr. and his clear cut view of CC! I only have one Masters degree, I should leave now 🙁 :p

    The Ravell dinner table must be a hoot tonight!!

  8. Being featured in the same breadth as RunRunes and La Hojilla sorta made my week. Thank you, Capybara!

    I guess now we have to comment on CAP’s funeral, right?

  9. I loved the La Patilla one, specially because i hate everything they include in their parenthesis and the fact that 80% of la patilla is pure anonymous half naked or sometimes fully naked girls and guys.

    • Not really – probably La Patilla saw more of a traffic spike owing to the masturbatorily inclined.

      Funny thing, the one post that did get me a traffic spike recently was that Johann Hari hit piece – I started getting all these incoming links from right-wing british blogs…fun!

  10. How subtlely tongue-in-cheek can you get? If you speak english, you’re subliminally elevated because you’d have written ‘English’; the ‘two masters’ requirement shows the exclusivity of it all, not a doctrate, nor sundry Bachelors, nor either having been ‘mentioned in dispaches’ or aught else so, pretty exclusive. and a little pandering thrown in: remarks are touted as witty and puns as clever. My only problem would be shenanigans, usually denoting mischievous & high-spirited so generically not divorced from ‘guachafita’ and only with difficulty ‘condescending’. Some may claim.

    • aught else?? I’m not worthy enough to gather the crumbs under your table. But I would point out that having one master is far more exclusive than having your attention divided by two — for instance, CC upkeep and reader swattings for slave Quico. As such, CC offers democracy and inclusion to its two readers.

  11. Very funny – and kudos!

    Anyone want to name the two readers? Chiguire didn’t say CC only has two readers, just two who are witty, clever, AND offer condescending shenanigans. (I only qualify for two out of three.)

  12. Regardless of tall he wittiness-cleverness-masterdegreeness-shenanigans-condescension-patronization and who know what else we can say about it, I just had a good laugh and that’s good enough for me.
    Thanks Chiguire!


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