5,000 posts of solitude


This is Caracas Chronicles’ 5,000th post.

I don’t know what that means, frankly, just like I don’t know what this blog means. I just know I enjoy writing it, reading what you have to say, and commenting on it.

The issues are certainly not the same as they were in the 1st post. Back then, Quico was worried about the surprisingly bizarre trends he was starting to see in chavismo.

You can chuckle now.

These days, we’re more concerned with the nation we have yet to build, the policy choices that should guide what comes next, and the ever-growing need to strengthen the public sphere.

So instead of commenting on the silly news of the day, I want to leave you with a link to my favorite posts: one by Quico, and one by yours truly.

Here’s looking forward to the next 5,000!

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  1. I loved your 2007 post, especialy this part

    For example, Mr. El-Troudi outlined why XXIst Century Socialism was different from the XXth Century version, as practiced in the Soviet Union and its satellites. He said Pres. Chavez’s project was different because it was:
    a) not based on State capitalism;
    b) not averse to popular participation and to putting the people in a starring role;
    c) not totalitarian, nor a believer in excessive democratic centralism;
    d) not populist, not messianic and not paternalistic;
    e) not based on building up armament;
    f) not atheist;
    g) not a single-party system;
    h) not a believer in extrapolating or exporting models.

    How many of these beliefs are in force today?

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Here’s wishing that in a year or so, the posts will be about criticism and/or advise for a new government!
    I know.. I know… but those are my hopes and I’m allowed to dream!

  3. My favorite post is the one Quico wrote about two trains in collision course, or away from eachother, or something about discourse… I dunno but it was good!

  4. Congrats! My favorites tend to be the forward looking ones, analizing choices, but I also love the ones that are especially well written. Or should I say, “well edited”? 😛

  5. Oh! The days when Katy was Katy!

    I loved her personality, how and why she wrote and the fact that we had a strong woman figure blogging in a (why does it always have be like that?) in the man-dominated micro-cosmos of Venezuelan bloggers (Alek-Miguel-Daniel-Quico).

    Sorry Juan, but I really miss Katy. You should try to bring her back once in a while….

  6. Though politics was a minor mention in Quico’s post, nothing beats “emotional vampirism”, all the more so now.
    And maybe (ojala) Juan’s optimism was justified.

    Both posts could have been written today. Congratulations.

  7. “I don’t know what it means…” and then you go on to tell us what it actually means, namely, that writing an articulate commentary, from a personal viewpoint, is ‘good for the soul’ [” I enjoy writing it”] and you correctly take it that such commenatry has a place in the public square, today, no longer the piazza but epitomised but the blogoshpere. Articulacy shared is like enjoyment shared and, to stretch a point possibly, not divorced from ‘good works’ either. Go to it Sir, and strength to your arm!

  8. Congrats!

    JC: re your “sample” post, it seems somehow ironic that you came out of that meeting quite optimistic about the non-sustainability of the 21st century socialism, yet today, 4 years+ later, it’s alive and kicking.

    We all have predicted the end of the regime more than once over the say, last 5 years, with strong supporting economic and finacial numbers and arguments such as “more and more chavistas see the light and are tired of…..(fill in the blanc)” and what not, yet it never comes true.

    Of course presently, driven by Chavez’ illness and again combined with supporting data and events (e.g. unsustainable relationship with China) as well as ludicrous lies (e.g. housing), we are again at a crossroad, predicting the death of the regime to happen “soon”. And of course if everything else fails, elections, that we will win, are coming up in about a year. I hope for once we are right, but I’m not optimistic.

    I guess my point is, you could have written this post yesterday, not 4 years ago, and everything in it is as true as ever.

  9. Somebody has to be the Grinch… 🙂

    First, who has the time to read 5000 more posts?…….
    Second, you were two….
    Third, you had those gimmicks of so many posts in so many days….

    This being said, I actually know what an achievement it is even though I am barely into my 3000 something post and thus I am duly admirative of the scope even though more than once I cringed.

    Keep it up, the best is yet to come and sooner than we may be expecting.

    • Well, it wasn’t pretty, but we made it. We had to mark the milestone somehow, right?

      We were actually thinking of celebrating the 5,000th post with an endorsement for the primary, but Quico wants us to hold off on doing that and let things develop some more.

      Abrazos Daniel.

  10. I love the simplicity and sincerity of the writing, if not the subject, in Quico’s fave post. And I miss Katy, especially knowing who she really was, at a time when PSFs enjoyed disrupting the banter. But I think that after she started taking testosterone, her writing really improved. Or so it seems to me.

  11. Quico and Juan Cristobal: You guys have made the “via crucis” of following public life in Venezuela all the more bearable, and gave us all hope that smart, honest and capable people may lead the country someday. I know the insane amount of work that goes into. I am looking forward to the next 5000 posts! Hopefully, post #10.000 would be about the heated debate over the decision by the second Radonski administration to raise taxes on the top 1% earners in Venezuela. LOL

    • Or post #10,000 about normalizing the price of gasoline and gasoil to sell at costs! It will take that long but that’s ok as long as it’s on the horizon.

  12. And by the way congrats…..I’ve been following the two of you since the beginning. This may sound sick, but there has probably not been a day go by when if I was in front of my computer I pulled up CC, VNV and DE since the very early days. I really appreciate all of the work you folks do in informing the world.

  13. Dear Quico and Juan Cristobal,

    I found your blog way too late, but it’s become a part of my daily fix, before I read the rest of the Venezuelan press. Heartfelt congratulations on this thankless and non-ego-driven effort, which I distribute via e-mail for lest internet-savvy, or forum-shy, colleagues.

  14. Congratulations.
    You enjoy writing and we enjoy reading. Perfect fit.
    The kind of comments and opinions (Including the reader’s comments !!) that I find here are somewhat different.
    I will write again (Hope so because I do not share patria etc. ETC.) on the 10000 post.
    Thank you all.

  15. As an habitué of this corner of the web since 2004 (maybe 05), I really thank you guys for what you´ve achieved during these years. Keep up the good job, and see you in the real fight, the one that will begin when we start pushing for the implementation of the vision and dreams we have had the privilege to discuss along 5000 posts…

  16. Guys

    A little late to the party, as usual this year (motherhood will do that to you). Nonetheless, I want to say congratulations for your extraordinary effort, may you write 5,000 more posts. tAlso, thank you for helping me keep track of the political affairs of my adoptive country and for trying to make PSF open their eyes.



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