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Saudade alert! Great stuff… courtesy of ABC News Nightline.

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    • Imperialist media, trying to ignore the courageous battle of the comandante presidente against cancer, the only issue that should concern every venezuelan man, woman and child.

    • But one of the scientists did! He mentioned the black waters as a cause of electrical storms. Well, let me tell you, Venezuelans aren’t stupid. We know that black means oil. And the mention of that non-colour can only mean one thing: Prepare for the roll-out of the commander’s global oil initiative (ChOPEC).

      Imperialist media falls for the revolutionary aims to be more subtle about its plans.

  1. The return of the Catatumbo Lightening? I knew some kind of sabotage was involved in the Maracaibo subway derailment incident. Arias Cardenas was right!

  2. did anyone else get goose bumps watching this? I mean I´ve been away 8 years, and a positive look on Vzla even if it has nothing to do with venezuelans as a people are so freaking hard to come by that whenever they do it has this effect on me that… oh well, damn Chavez!

  3. Um hm.

    Though part of me is darkly awaiting Part II, where the ABC guy has to go to a Barrio Adentro module to get sorted out for the suite of weird diseases he’ll get from eating crabs fished right out of the Lago, finds it shut down, and ends up getting ruleteado from one hospital to the next looking for the last vile of atroverán in Zulia…

    But that’s just me…

  4. I spent a lot of time in Florida Gulf fishing villages that looked a lot like that shown. I miss them. I don’t miss the lack of sewage treatment, most of the hamlets used outhouses or what ever the hell was handy. But damn, didn’t the food look good?


    Landbreeze from the highlands hits the inland gulf with predictable and awesome results. I want to go see it. Get a government, I will spend yankee dollars to watch.

  5. Great clip! Thanks for posting it. Makes me remember when 60 Minutes came to the lake to film the folks suffering from Huntington’s disease — supposedly the area with the world’s highest concentration of people that have it.


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