The UN Office on Drugs and Crime to be labeled an imperialist lackey in 3…2…


UNODC’s first global study on homicide has just been published.  Save for gang-ravaged Honduras and El Salvador, nobody comes close to Venezuela.

And in South America? Eat our dust, Colombia!

It’d be interesting to check if the government’s paid some kind of electoral penalty in the areas where the murder rate has gone up faster, wouldn’t you say?

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      • If you drill down into the data, specifically the most populous city murder rates by country, Caracas leaves pretty much everyone in the dust. Compare Caracas at 122 per 100,000 to San Salvador (94.6), Tegucigalpa (72.7) or even Guatemala City (118.3). That’s one in every 820 people. No wonder the anecdote that someone knows someone who has been murdered in Caracas is so casually tossed about.

        Of course, it couldn’t possibly be a breakdown in security by municipal or governmental forces. Must be an opposition tactic to destabilize the regime. Or El Nino/La Nina. Or, non-believers in the revolution who simply won’t go along. Or…the local Anti-Tourism Board who believe that the best way to enhance Venezuela’s sovereignity is to discourage tourism. These are all reasonable explanations, no?

        • Isn’t it possible that the United States CIA, with the collaboration of the Venezuelan opposition, has been smuggling guns into Venezuela in order to boost the murder rate and discredit the Government? The CIA did this before (in Jamaica in the 1980s) so I see no reason why they won’t do it again.

          • Right! So you have no evidence whatsoever for this, but since you think something similar happened somewhere else entirely in a totally dissimilar context – and since it conveniently absolves your guy – suddenly, it’s a fact!

            The sad/pathetic (sadthetic?) part is that you really don’t grasp how much of a self-parody this position is. I mean, didn’t you hear the old joke?

            A Christian Democrat finds his wife cheating on him. What does he do? He sits down with her and asks her when their relationship went wront.

            A right-winger finds his wife cheating on him. What does he do? He beats her up.

            A communist finds his wife cheating on him. What does he do? He starts throwing stones at the U.S. embassy…

          • Red Blooded Chavista,

            Isn’t possible that you are a CIA plant, charged with making such stupid and idiotic statements to discredit Chavismo? Well? Do you deny it?

  1. Yep. And that kind of chart is something the alternative forces should be printing out in flyers and distributing on the buses going to Maturín, Calabozo, Guacara, Punto Fijo, etc (to those cities where we still have work to do).
    Charts like this can be understood by anyone.

    • Just FYI… Punto Fijo is super chavista… Paraguaneros and Falconianos in general feel very close to Chávez and his ideology, something that goes back to Alí Primera and Douglas Bravo.

      • I know, I know. That’s the point. Actually: most places I mentioned are still Chavistas, but for Guacara, where some selfless and humble oppos have been doing quite an excellent job in providing information.

        I hope Borges, national leader of a national party, decides to spend 2 days in Punto Fijo instead of preaching to the choir for the 1222222th time.

        I hope Leopoldo López spends at least 1 day. I hope Machado does the same. They have to go there.

        And they should learn about all the myths there: from Chirinos etc until now and act accordingly, providing for a new vision.

  2. The UN’s homicide rates for Venezuela are considerably below what CICPC figures (leaked to Briceño-León) indicate, what INE’s Encuesta Nacional de Victimización y Percepción de Seguridad Ciudadana (2009) suggests, and what civil death registry data (from MPP Salud) record. Hmm.

  3. There are no statistics after 2009. Wondering if after the infamous laugh of Izarra regarding crime rates, they just stop publishing them?

  4. There’s this thing that every Venezuelan I know has at least one family member that has been either kidnapped, hijacked or murdered. I wonder if this sick Kevin Bacon game is valid in other South American countries. I think this would tell you if crime is focused on poor neighborhoods, and the way it affects the middle class.

      • My friend’s father was so proud of his new (red)Grand Cherokee-was carjacked in front of a bank at 3pm (the guy did not want his money-just the keys)at gunpoint.
        Another fellow- his brother kidnapped -after paying 2 bribes- first $5000 I think,then second $10,000 USD- dead.
        A grandmother we know-was on a bus-everyone robbed at a roadblock.Cellphones, money, jewelry.

  5. Note most other countries are prepared to give up at least some figures. This government gives none. The truth must be much worse than the NGOs are saying.

  6. I have the numbers for Carabobo per municipio since 2006. Libertador of Carabobo got 208 murders in 2010. There were 98 111 voters there. 39,26% of them did not vote. 52,59% voted for Chavismo. If the total population is, say, 200 000 people (must be lower), we have a murder rate of 104 murders per 100 000.

  7. As far as I can tell nobody from the Government has said anything. I guess they don’t even bother anymore…So it’s 3…2..1 (silence).

  8. Yesterday night,my wife’s cousin’s ex-gf (la ex del primo de mi esposa), wich was a good friend of her family got killed when they tried to take the car- They didn’t take the car,just her life.

    That’s becoming quite frequent in Maracaibo. And it was in Bella Vista for those who know the city.

    Not only that, she was also a Paramedic. I’m starting to think malandros love to target doctors and life-savers.

  9. Would it be so crazy, and I’m genuenly asking here, to ask people to arm themselves?

    There is a possibility that there would be a steep hike in murders for a few months and then a sharp decline. I mean, if everybody’s armed, people would start thinking twice before they wip out a gun, no?

    • No way. There are countless cases where thugs have entered a public establishment for a robbery, and people being armed inside has just resulted in a free-for-all shoot-out with deaths coming from all guns.

      Everybody in Maracaibo knows who the thugs are, where they live, where they operate, who knows who, etc. What we need, sadly, is someone with balls to enter guns blazing. The “human rights” solution stopped being valid a long time ago.


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