Gaddafi passed on Turiamo

There are conflicting news reports about the fate of Muammar Gaddafi. Some say he has been injured and captured. Others say he has died. Regardless, he’s toast. [Update: yeah, he’s dead.]

It’s worth remembering that Gaddafi was offered the very real possibility of exile in Venezuela. Right now, he could have been lying comfortably in the tent the Bolivarian government would have surely helped set up for him in Turiamo Naval Base, looking at the majestic view of the Aragua shoreline, sipping batido de parchita, and enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

But no. He passed on that. He decided to stay, and “fight.”

Let’s keep that in mind, because if  he has been killed, some in the international community will surely decry the fact that he should have faced a court of law. People who have never been involved in a gunfight will criticize from the sidelines, griping about how the Libyan rebels did not ensure his human rights.

Bah. Whatever his fate is, Gaddafi chose it. His thousands of victims never had that chance.