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So sorry for the slow start to the year: it’s been tough finding the focus to write as I’ve had my hands full with trip preparation. The good news is that I’ll be reporting from the campaign trail for much of the next two months, so there should be a veritable avalanche of posting starting from the end of next week.

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  1. You mean, HCR. I heard PP’s comando is pretty defeatist these days. For them, it all comes down to election day… Capaz y AD puede encontrar algunos votos debajo de alguna piedra. I know this is my own wishful thinking.
    There are so many other rumors these days that need actual confirming. For example, whether some people on Leopoldo’s comando think he should withdraw…

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m also working on getting my ass up to Venezuela while Quico is there. Perhaps we can write Caracas Chronicles … in Caracas … at the same time. Wouldn’t that be somethin’ .

  3. I find it really strange that Chavez is talking so much about the primaries. He seems obsessed. He’s said twice in the last 2 days that they will not be held or that the oppo’s are going to hold them.

    Can’t figure out the point of it all. He should just ignore them for now.

  4. Quico, sounds like a blast. Will you be embedded in the campaign, like the journalists that track Romney and co?

    BTW, I hear the maracuchos around PP are a close knit group, i.e. not much space left for outsiders. Apparently some of the honchos with more social democratic leanings-which would be more likely to support PP than say HCR-have had a hard time getting through.


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