So long, Noticias 24 (Updated)


Noticias 24 used to be the news aggregator of choice for all things Venezuela. One small click and you could find out a lot about what was going in Venezuela in a more or less unbiased way.

Those days are long gone. Today, Noticias 24 is looking more and more like an appendix of the MINCI.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at a simple screen shot from tonight’s page.

In one quick glance at the headlines, we learn that today’s military parade was “also of the people,” who came to the park “to wait for their President.” We also learn that the large number of merchandise on sale shows “the fervor” the people have for their President.

I mean, really? What the headline shows is the fervor Noticias 24 has for the President’s testicles.

This was just the July 5th edition (and let’s not even get into the old lady in the red wig). On a typical day, Noticias 24 tells us everything that each rank-and-file chavista has said against the opposition in the last half hour. Their motto should be “No insults left uncovered.”

Now, Mr. De Prada and his staff are perfectly entitled to propagandize the revolution. He must have his reasons.

And I, as well as you, are entitled to say goodbye to all that, and get our news from elsewhere. So starting now, I’m getting my news from El Universal’s website.

Noticias 24 … it’s like Aporrea, only waaaaay less funny.

UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out the real person in charge is some Ms. Jurado (not Rocío, qepd). I don’t really know or care. All i know is … chao, pescao!

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  1. Juan, you must know by now that the power behind Noticias24 is no longer de Prada, but rather Mrs Miguel Henrique Otero’s, who -gossip has it- “had to soften the editorial line so that El Nacional can continue functioning…”

    It’s one survival thing, some say…

  2. To publish JVR and Marciano comments as they were newsworthy is just trollbait for Maria Alejandra Lopez’s nephew. Furthermore, a comparison between the titles and the actual content of the articles is quite a challenge. Headlines at Noticias 24 are all about sensationalism and getting cheap clicks for the ads money.
    On the other hand, once you realize it’s nothing but a light version of RVN, it is not that bad. You get the chance to know what’s inside a chavista’s mind while avoiding the twilight zone, i.e. VTV, RNV or

    • I agree, if you read it with your eyes open and thought filters switched ON, it gives a view from both sides. One just needs to look at the major advertiser (Chavez´s campaign) to know the direction it is leaning

    • Noticias24 is a voice of sanity in the sea of political extremism, and I for one think most of you are sick in the head.

      • In which article would you say the voice of sanity speaks louder, “En fotos: las estupendas vacaciones familiares de Britney Spears en Hawaii” or “Impactante video: retiran un gusano vivo de 13 centímetros del ojo de un paciente de 75 años”?

        • That’s the part I dislike the most… I’m not a prude, but I don’t want Stephen Hawking and Hugo Chavez and Henrique Capriles and Iniesta and Vaclav Havel sharing headlines with the latest “page 3” girl.

          Es una ordinariez, y el formato es enervante. I like that “La Patilla” -which has more than its fair share of vulgarity- at least heads the page with a big banner and not a blog-like aggregate…

  3. That is old news, N24’s been walking between the two sides, one moment with god and one moment with the devil.

      • Is funny that you said that because my definition of mindless oppo partisan is someone that in 99.9999% of the cases can’t or won’t agree with the government, as well as not giving a viable solution, constructive ideas of how to build a country.

        Also the mindless oppo person is favorite pet of the government who can easily control the opposition agenda, used in cases of big political scandal. If government says “A”, mindless oppo have to say “B”, and the funny part that is when they often associate their reasons with being an educated person.

  4. Yeah, that’s the kind of “imparcial” (as in imparcial, oportuna y veraz) that RIzarra and Co. have in mind.

  5. Somewhere between “En fotos: las estupendas vacaciones familiares de Britney Spears en Hawaii” and “Impactante video: retiran un gusano vivo de 13 centímetros del ojo de un paciente de 75 años” N24 lost its moral compass…

  6. I’ve seen good coverage of Capriles events there too, they are playing both sides I believe, they also run huge ad campaigns for both candidates.

  7. Coincidently, I unsuscribed yesterday from their video channel. It was really clear after I saw that they spammed my youtube page with videos of the military parade. I don’t give a flying FUCK about a military parade. Who would give a fuck about it other than media for official purposes?

  8. I stop reading Noticias 24 and eliminated it from my bookmarks about a month ago when it became obvious that they had move too far to the left not to be suspicious. too bad it used to be a good site to go for news and information about Venezuela

  9. Very very old news, guys. You are quite disconnected from media reality in Venezuela, really. Antonieta Jurado Blanco has been the power behind Noticias 24 and El Nacional for over two years now. She was the right hand of Alfredo Peña in la Alcaldía Mayor for four years, and then the right hand of Juan Barreto in the same place. She made a fortune that way… In fact, they say that the “loving relationship” with Miguel Henrique is because she is acting as Barreto’s figurehead after he bought a huge number of shares of the paper. MHO and Juan Barreto are old friends, anyway, so the “leader” of 2-D and all that rigmarole is just bullshit…

        • She is much uglier in person, trust me, just as MHO is much much dumber at close range!

          In the best chavista style, she doesn’t have a driver: she has a “motorizado”, and goes as a “parrillera”… to get rid of the “colas” (a tip for Nagel)… and feel fifty again, I guess… Her last “motorizado”, after two years, left her at the “El Nacional” building, parked his bike, turned the keys of the bike in in the reception, and never came back… not even for his check! He never answered her calls, either…

          If you go into MHO’s home now, you’ll see a couple of authentic antique ivory tusks, carved, and some quite fine Picasso’s and Goya’s engravings (the “cheap” part of the famous “Otero-Castillo Collection”, the real valuables are out of the country), and besides them some big plastic figures of “Hello Kitty” and “El conejo de Tasmania”… her contribution to the environment… I never knew if laughing or crying was the “politically correct” attitude, but I fell like retching…

          And that’s the home of one of the “leaders” of the “oppo” in Chávez’s Venezuela. It’s nauseating, really.

          • I don’t know about the facts that you state here, but I surely can say that she is “mas fea que pegarle a la mamá.”

          • Eyewitnessing things count for reliability?

            By the way, I’ll rather hit my mom, my grandma, and yours, and still “sit pretty” and be as content as a new born babe… She is the worst kind of “being” you can imagine: a chavista posing as a rabid antichavista while pursuing her own agenda… which is making money… and using MHO, who in his turn uses her as well as a safety insurance for the chavista future that’s round the corner…

          • …who in his turn uses her as well as a safety insurance for the chavista future that’s round the corner…

            Care to expand?

          • I thought I was pretty clear. Yes, my international-campaign-whisky-drinking-walking friend: our chavista future: win or not, chavismo is a reality that won’t disappear, not even if HCR wins and does everything alright… Chavismo is here to stay for at least 20 years… even as opposition. The amount of money they manage makes Blanca Ibáñez look like fresh, never trodden snow…

            You should have heard Antonieta Jurado Blanco talking about “her dear friend Juan Barreto: such a cultivated, educated, exquisite gentleman”.

            Sorrry, got to throw up….

          • Nemo keep it on… Wonderful post, and gossipy too… Do tell how did you know about the “motorizado” was it you? 😉

          • Vici, ¿un motorizado en Venezuela sin moto propia y que habla y escribe inglés, en Venezuela? Eso sí sería realismo mágico…

  10. i too abandoned N24″s ship looong ago. memo is totally right. the ms jurado was barreto”s secretary so…off with those heads…i read tal cual for my news.

    • I’ll be going back to the google news feed, I guess. All it does is put a bunch of articles from different news agencies in one RSS. They take from all the large newspapers in the country and some internet-based agencies. It’s kind of arroz con mango, just by reading the headlines you can see if it’s from one side or another (“Gobierno Bolivariano inicia plantacion de arboles”, by RNV is one example that is right now in the feed).

  11. I don’t care who owns the thing now, but I’d rather read N24 than Aporrea, at least they are still covering both Chávez and HCR, seriously, they are not that bad as you say, it’s not quality journalism I give you that, but including Chávez coverage you get HRC coverage plus whatever happens in the country including murders and not so good news for the regime. I think they are keeping things balanced. Way better than VTV and Aporrea that only talk about Chávez and the “wonders” of the revolution. Like I said earlier they run massive online campaigns for both the official campaign and HRC.

  12. Come on Juan! You won’t be able to know what the latest tarot reading said about candidate Hugo Chávez and candidate Henrique Capriles Radownsky!

  13. JC I was just about to totally agree with you again but check this out:

    Capriles has Barinitas on fire. Tierrrra natal del presidente. This guy is going after vote by vote, he’s campaigning like a man on fire, and Noticias 95% crap 24 put the stories on conjoined panda twins and somebody’s large celebrity backside on hold to cover it. So good for them. Note to Arturo: the folks in Barinitas want the FARC out, vale.

  14. Fully agree with Juan Nagel. In my blog I have been saying this about for some time. The Chavez bias is overpowering and there is no doubt this site is on the official payroll, one way or the other (cash or trafico de influencia). This is a new example of the incestuous nature of our society. Barreto, Jurado, Otero, Cabello, all mixed up together. I can’t believe that Ledezma is anywhere near this gang. He seems an honorable man.
    I still go into the site only to find sources of “inspiration” for some of my blog entries, like their review of the military parade of July 5th and the undignified speech by the General covered with tin medals.
    Venezuelan greed and adulation have not changed. It is Monagas and Guzman all over again.

    • Venezuelan greed and adulation have not changed. It is Monagas and Guzman all over again.

      True indeed Gustavo. What has changed are the names of the actors, the play -as a wretched centuries-long version of Coronation Street- carries on uninterrupted, and unaltered. One day, Chavez will die, and another asshole and his entourage will come, and the akelarre will continue.

      • Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how things turn out. – Vaclav Havel


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