When Ventajismo goes Meta


How meta is it that these five Ciudadanía Activa spots denouncing the blatantly illegal use of State resources for campaign purposes just got ordered off the air, for contravening campaign rules?!

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  1. As has often been said, Venezuela (arguably) has the best laws in the world–the problem, no one observes them (and, of course, there are few if any sanctions for non-observation).

    • Basically, the 4 Chavista CNE members just give Chavez carte blanche to go on with the cadenas, by indicating a loophole. Chavez will commit a felony only if he mentions the other candidate by name. Hints or nicknames don’t count. There you go.

    • Is not only the cadenas, also the mandatory ads of the RESORTE law are blatant political ads, plus the public financing of the campaign, the ads in public offices, buses, everywhere. At the end there is no practical way of distinguishing government from proselytizing in the chavista era, they have made campaigning a way of governing. Its not a loophole, its a sinkhole where most of the government action proselytizing is apparently not covered by electoral law.

        • Yes, although that only what made it official, but every public office you go in Venezuela, every construction of a new bridge, house, everything there is red color, revolution. I mean even official communications end with saludos revolucionarios y bolivarianoes, uniforms are made in red. Even a graduation ceremony, inauguration of a bridged is filmed and turned into a political ad. There is just no way of distinguishing government from party.

          • For Chavismo, party and government is same thing. The PSUV isn’t mentioned anymore or the Gran Polo Patriotico. Hugo Chavez is the candidate of the Bolivarian Republic, the Venezuelan State. Heart of the fatherland indeed.

          • It’s more: Hugo Chavez is YOU guy, YOU girl, YOU PUEBLO!! (poor things), as per his recent speeches. Setting himself up for martyrdom??

          • An under that scheme, its just impossible to have a fair campaign. And if you impose rules and apply them selectively, this is just widening the gap that existed before the campaign by giving HCR just a few minutes per day in tv, while Chavez abuses every tool at his disposal. About the loophole that’s only the CNE washing its hands, even without the existence of rules they could sanction the PSUV or maybe a Court could ban the cadenas. There is not loophole, the Constitution clearly prohibits this, is the lack of separation of powers and balls that is producing this.

  2. This is political advertising on behalf of Ciudadania Activa. It’s not some milquetoast institutional advertisement. They are directly calling the President corrupt. If that’s not a political ad on behalf of one candidate, I don’t know what is.

    Perhaps this fight could have been avoided had they not mentioned the President in the ad. Or perhaps they were looking to get banned…

    • It’s an ad against the president-candidate. By the same logic as the CNE used for not sanctioning attacks against Capriles in cadenas, arguing that Chavez wasn’t attacking a particular candidate by name, it is not an ad on behalf of one candidate, since there are several candidates.

  3. No wonder that they needed to take these ads down, they are excellent! Simple, direct, and concrete. I’d love to see one explain inflation and why it is the government’s fault.

  4. Remember tha these is the same mindset that caused people to react violently to a Nelson Garrido potographic exposition about violence in Venezuela. They don’t appreciate the subtleties of irony.

  5. DorisClubHipico settled into Back To School
    Schedule, booted down her Personal Broom (PB),
    and went back to her boring zanahoria life.
    GatoPeo, on the other hand, skipped off, snarling,
    baring its fangs, and sharpening its claws.
    GatoPeo will lurk around until elections are held,
    the winner fairly elected,
    and the adversaries settled in.
    That’s when it turns into a tabby, and becomes a
    nuisance on the lookout for milk, cream and the
    occasional rat to sink its teeth into.

  6. Another systematic whining competition. I have seen all the cadenas since July 1st and Chavez does not campaign but informs the viewers of the accomplishemnts and progress of the revolution. Now – if the private media did not hide these accomplishments and reported them faithfully there would be no need for the cadenas and no need for you all to whine so much.

    The privatrte media is to blame for all this but I guess it has never learned anything in the last 14 years. If you do not like the cadenas switch them off or watch a cable channel. Th whining about ventajismo is simply because you all know that Capriles will lose and lose badly on 7 O.

    As inmigrante says – “pedant” should use the comentators of this blog as a reference par excellence. Keep up the good work.

    BTW – when will you do a post on the money being received from NED and USAID to run Capriles cmpaign?

    • Arturo, why do you even bother?

      You have been totally discredited in this blog.
      You ask questions & when they are answered with facts in contravention to your beliefs you disappear.

      You post under different names thinking we won’t know who you are.

      You are a colossal, cult member twit & no one cares what you have to say here.

  7. According to “Espacio Publico” (“EU,P.1-4, &/27/2012”) Chavez from 1999 to 6/2011 has had 2,334 “Cadenas” with a total of 97,561 minutes-na guara!!! No other country but Venezuela would have withstood this ABUSE. Pedant=Arturo. Accomplishments? Please enumerate these that have cost Venezuela more than $i TRILLION! Money from NED?USAID?-If any, how would it compare to the Venezuelan National Treasury, plus recent $7 billion in new debt!

  8. Now, now, what does this add or subtract in itself to the situation of Venezuela in general? The ventajismo is obvious and all that, and we are supposed to point out to the World that the supposedly democrat Hugo Chavez is not what he seems.

    But all of this is just a consequence if anything. Of Hugo Chavez and his people having gutted every Venezuelan institution, courts, electoral council and all that could impede these activities, and much, much much worse that has happened. Of their having literally built a system which is actually a parody of a Republic.

    The response of the red “institutions” is known: Silence it! So the message is in no way a call to action for them (laughs!). Maybe it’s for the general public. But it seems the general public is not at all interested in keeping a Republic going because Hugo Chavez is so cool or whatever, or do they believe Venezuela still has a Republic somehow because elections are held?

    At this point you need to ask, are Venezuelans in general that clueless? Do we have to remind everyone that laws such as these existed before Hugo Chavez, only they were not blatantly and shamelessly infringed? Does nobody remember how it was before Hugo Chavez? That actually there were two important parties able to contest elections, and many minor ones, not one hijacking everything? Are the ones who remember incapable of telling it? What is expected to be accomplished by showing these violations to the public when much worse has transpired?

    The only way to accomplish anything positive by now is a change of government. If Venezuelans were interested at all in this they would have rebelled against the present government, or would be voting massively for anyone but Chavez just on these grounds. Never mind Hugo’s gigantic incompetence at even keeping Venezuelans alive, or the young, capable and charismatic challenger with experience.

    • I hope that your excellent comments are conveyed to all. Because expecting to convince Arturo is pointless.

      As island canuck stated it so succinctly: “You are a colossal, cult member twit.”


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