Playing Gorragate for Points

A reader writes:

I think that “baseball cap gate” here is an actual plus for Capriles on so many levels it isn’t even funny.


  1. Getting rebuked for doing something everyone has seen Chavez do only highlights how downright silly the other candidate’s campaign is.
  2. He’s had a sane response to an insane claim, to wit: It is not illegal to wear the hat, it is illegal to use it in campaign propaganda, and he has said he is going to continue to wear the hat. Thumbing one’s nose at authority is a typical Venezuelan response and marks Capriles as one of us and not a stuck up “politician”. This scores big points.
  3. While the CNE rebukes him for a hat, folks in Capriles’ camp point out the use of government funds in the campaign and further polish the David vs. Goliath meme.
  4. While the Comando Carabobo echoes the CNE, Capriles hits home with Insecurity, lack of Housing, lack of formal jobs and other bread and butter issues which compared to a hat ………..

Capriles and his camp are playing this one just right, I hope that the other side keeps coming up with these inanities, it will only make things easier!

Another reader:

I think you’re giving these guys too much credit. I don’t think they do what they do to show everyone that they can do whatever they please. I really think they truly believe the bullshit they come up with and don’t see the double standards. They think they own the national symbols and only Chavez, as the Chosen one, has the right to use them. If they really wanted to demonstrate their abuse of power capabilities, they have better alternatives to do so.

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