Were La Planta transfers involved in the Yare riot?


Yesterday, at least 20 people, including one visiting relative, were killed in a grisly fight between rival gangs at Yare Jail, former Zip-code of a comandante presidente who shall not be named.

The shootout comes three months after the huge fight between the National Guard and the inmates in La Planta jail that ended with hundreds of La Planta inmates transfered to Yare – according to some reports, still armed. Back in May, Yare inmates’ relatives were already saying they feared for what this mixing of jail gangs could mean for the delicate balance of Pran hierarchies, with words we shouldn’t forget now,

“Tenemos entendido que en Yare metieron a 500 presos y luego de lo que pasó en diciembre, que se juntaron Yare 1 y Yare 2, pase lo mismo, y al juntarse la nueva población con la que ya existe, vengan nuevos pranes que los pongan a ‘trillar’ (bautizo que consiste en convertir a los compañeros en esclavos) y al romperse el orden que ya está, vienen peleas y hechos lamentables que no queremos. Estamos asustados, porque nuestros familiares allá adentro también lo están”, contó una fuente que no quiso revelar su identidad.

And so, some questions that this government will not seriously demand answers to, but the next government must look into in detail:

  1. Did La Planta inmates really get to bring their guns into Yare?
  2. Were any of those inmates/guns involved in yesterday’s massacre?
  3. Shouldn’t the minister who okayed the weapons transfer face criminal responsibility for this?

We didn’t set out to make it Prisons Monday in Caracas Chronicles, but man…

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  1. The answers to your questions are: !) Yes, most of them (you could see them under their loose shirts front or back in the few photos published), walking right past heavily-armed GN-that was the deal made; 2) Probably; 3)Yes, but she won’t. A nephew of mine was a Pran bodyguard in La Planta.

  2. The toll has now reached 25 dead.

    But don’t worry Iris says that all is calm.

    Oh good, now I don’t have to think any more about the 25 corpses that have been brought to the morgue. What a great job you are doing Iris.

    The “perfect storm” of events for Chavez just keeps getting better.

  3. There’s a commonly heard principle: “If all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.” As long as 21st Century socialism is the only solution there is, then I would presume that all these problem issues are due to the bourgeoisie? Actually, the proletariat unions aren’t falling in line, either. I would venture that 21st Century socialism is focusing on the BIG PROBLEMS, and the issues with the prisons, economy, crime, highways, electricity… are SMALL PROBLEMS that can wait.

  4. “Los responsables de las muertes dentro de las cárceles van a tener que responder por eso” says the minister… hmm, who is responsible for the security of the prisons then? Who is accountable for the presence of weapons?

  5. The buck certainly doesn’t stop with la Fosforito. Don’t forget that the comandantepresidente (the same guy who finds negotiating with his political adversaries absolute anathema) admitted that he personally talked to the prans on the phone. At the very least he was (1) aware of the weapons deal and (2) neither vetoed it nor took action against those who allowed it to go ahead. Don’t worry though, I’m sure Luisa Ortega Diaz is planning on looking into it.


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