Rightsizing the Bolivarian dream

Nothing gets by this guy…

Another fun tidbit from R.G.Aveledo’s N24 interview comes at 9:06 (in the video link), when he’s being asked about a “secret Capriles plan” to phase out the government’s misones (social programs.)

As Aveledo notes, it’s Chávez’s program that explicitly calls for “redimensioning” the misiones. But that’s clearly a euphemism for “scaling down”, because if they were thinking about expanding them, they’d obviously say it explicitly, and probably make a big thing about it.

It’s funny to think of Chávez giving himself over to this kind of weaselly, jargony, managementy newspeak. “Redimensionar” is half a step removed from the kind of management consultant sophistry that turns “layoffs” into “downsizing” into “rightsizing”.

Tanto nadar en el mar de la felicidad para ahogarse en la orilla semántica…

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  1. When you took one small part of the interview and give it your own connotation, you’ll tend to twist the entire argument that someone gave during a public presentation. That’s what most unethical journalist often do, and is very common form of mass media manipulation.

    We have seen and heard many times from Capriles campaign, the promise to remove the political and ideological component from this so called “Misiones”, because I don’t like the face of the guy running the office in the milk that I’m buying. Even though “Misiones” are the legacy of Chavez, the public perception is that only Chavistas can only benefit from this misiones. Chavez is using free money to advertise himself, and to spread a subtle fear among followers and non followers.

    But I’m advocate of promoting jobs, foreign and national investment, education things that will eventually render this misiones unnecessary.

    BTW, I didn’t knew that the comment section were removed a while ago, sounds like we are doing things that we have been criticizing and whining all this time. We ain’t that better than chavismo.


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