The Cochino Frito Offensive


In a long, fascinating interview with Mario Villegas on N24, MUD-chief Ramón Guillermo Aveledo makes a point that should’ve been plain, but hadn’t quite hit me so forcefully until I heard him enunciate it explicitly.

(Take the slider to 5:34)

Towns with fewer than 100,000 people have been the heart of [Capriles’s] effort, [because] we had been very strong in big cities and weak in those with fewer than 100,000, and we see how he’s growing in towns with fewer than 100,000 people…

Chávez’s must be a nervous laugh, because Capriles has taken the small-town strategy to heart. The guy has been campaigning in places with names like GüigüeSan Genaro de Boconoíto, Cantaura and Aragua de Barcelona. He’s been to 150 towns so far since the primaries, with a heavy emphasis on the smaller places where Chávez used to pile up huge leads and the opposition had been virtually absent.

I’m guessing Capriles is now running on a diet of pure, intravenous cochino frito. (Mmmmmmm…cochino frito…)

Which leaves us here at Caracas Chronicles wondering just one thing…where do we send the consulting bill?

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    • Thanks for posting the link, Carlos. You saved me like 20 minutes of fruitless Google searches. It’s funny that chavismo is just now waking up to the strategy.

      • Chavismo was betting in a more mediatic campaign, given Chavez’s health concerns. The ads are well done and the main thematic elements are defined (Joao Santana is not cheap), however the CCC (Comando Carabobo) shown overconfidence in it (and in the “two-hearts strategy”, now diminished a little bit but still active), wrongly believed that Capriles’ campaign was too weak to compete with them and the fact that CCC leaders have been just awful in develop the theme created by Santana and his crew.

        Just look the last press confenrence of Jorge Rodriguez, head of the CCC. His overbearing arrogance shows the weakness of his work so far. In short, they bought their own hype and now they’re reacting too late in the game.

        • The heart slogan was deftly neutralized by Capriles (“no es lo mismo sentirse el corazón de la patria, que llevar la patria en el corazón”). Right now, the incumbent’s heart logo is making the rounds with the inscription “corazón cubano”, emblazoned with the cuban colors that he has been wearing lately. Esos reales se perdieron…

  1. He’s made multiple trips to Barinas, and towns thereabouts, the most recent being last week. It suggest that (a) he is confident he can make serious inroads on the big man’s home turf, which the crowds suggest may be the case, and (b) there is a psychological element at play, i.e. campaigning deep in the (sclerotic) corazon de la patria blah blah blah. Either that or he is delusional. I don’t think so at all.

    • Exactly. The key is that Capriles can reduce the gap in those places where Chavismo is favored to win while increasing his supports in his strongholds. I think he can do it.

  2. BTW, Aveledo is coming to Santiago next week. I’m going to a forum he’s having with the Vzlan community here. Email me if you’d like details.

  3. The first time – and probably the first gazillion times – I ever heard about Parapara was from Kepler. Although your road trip and the ensuing blog entries were very neat, especially the one on the chinese train to nowhere…

    Y que será de la vida de Kepler?


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