Ad War Update, cont.


Henrique Capriles answers the question: Why do I want to be President?

HCR’s commercials keep getting better, even if Chávez’s spots are clearly more expensive.

Chávez appeals to scenes of his rallys and his campaign’s official song: “Heart of the People”. Subtle.

The full version of the song is available here… if you dare.

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  1. The pretty girl wiping the tear away was a nice touch. Chavez’ video is just, man, I don’t get who would find that appealing.

  2. it’s like Chavez hit his midlife crisis and decided to build an ad campaign around it.

    “No, really, I’m cool. I’m one of the guys. I’m hip. Do kids today still say hip, Elias?”

  3. It almost looks like a normal election ;). The oppo is putting a lot of effort into making the election as fair as possible and their campaign is starting to look quite okay.

    Still it is all about the election. Everyone is talking about how to make sure that every vote is legal and how and which voting offices should be checked. A good cause, but there is still a nightmare scenario out there..

    What if Capriles is well ahead when the votes are being counted? What will the chavernment do then? The stakes are high so anything could be possible. It will not be a smooth ride, that’s for sure.

    One thing that could happen is that Chavez will order his henchmen to start rioting across the country. He has done enough to get the country as polarized as possible so this will cause a mayhem. Then he will send in the troops and will declare a the country in a state of war.. Welcome to the full blown dictatorship called Venezuela…


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