Annals of Fiscal Responsibility

“We’ll take 29 of those” -Reina

Check out fringe presidential candidate Reina Sequera’s interview with Últimas Noticias, particularly the bit starting at 4:34. Yup, the crazy lady is actually promising One Million Dollars Cash to every man woman and child in the country (from “the oil excedent”).

Thankfully, it’s a nice round number, which makes the maths straightforward.

There are 29 million Venezuelans, so giving each a million bucks costs a mere 29 million million (a.k.a. 29 trillion) dollars. How affordable is that? The policy would cost 925 times Venezuela’s 2012 budget, or a cool 20,294.85% (must not forget the .85!) of our yearly GDP (both figured at lechuga verde rates). In fact, Sequera’s policy would cost about half of global GDP. Fun, huh?

Oh Reina, it’s so sad, you missed your real vocation…you should’ve been a chavista minister all along!