“Nobody believes me when I say Caracas is making a comeback…”


BrianPablo has a lovely riff on the massively under-reported world of Caracas street fairs.

The streets were packed to the nines. Kids on skateboards or riding bikes, teenagers drinking, old codgers chatting.

People in cool looking costumes made out of paper water-cooler cups wandered around, getting compliments as they checked their Blackberries.

On one corner they did flashmobs in the street when traffic stopped, they gathered around these strong-looking photo booths and danced to a really cool DJ remix of AC/DC.

The environment creates a spontaneity that makes you want to talk to the person standing next to you for no apparent reason. It’s like carnaval in Rio — only fun.

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  1. Por el medio de la calle has been happening for years now. It has sparked many similar events in la Candelaria and el Centro. This happened a few weeks ago:


    Also I know there is a group of people (can’t find a link) who go out in large numbers to hang out in public spaces at night trying to recover these spaces a la Jane Jacobs.

  2. Tuki looks like something that could readily be subsumed into local mainstream and rendered an integral part of “OK stuff”, as “escualido” and othersuch “majunche” terminology.


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