Another Wildcat Strike in Sidor


The good news is that raising hell at that cadena in Caruachi a few weeks back paid off: talks on a collective bargaining agreement have finally been launched – 28 months behind schedule. The bad news is that the rank-and-file is being kept in the dark by a union leadership that seems awfully close to the boss.

And so SIDOR workers once again walked off the job – ilegally – this time to protest their own union’s refusal to explain its negotiating position to them.

These kinds of actions no longer make the headlines, they’re so common, but we shouldn’t lose sight of what’s happened to labour rights in the last few years. With the labour ministry now routinely refusing to process “pliegos conflictivos”, the right to strike has become a dead letter. But in SIDOR it’s worse still: with the union captured by management, there’s nobody in a position to even introduce a pliego in the first place.

The result is anarchy.

[HT: OSGuido]

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  1. Who cares anyways.They are the only ones to blame.Dont you remember the OUTSATNDING applause they all gave the mico-mandante when he announced that the “consejo de trabajadores” would substitute the “sindicatos”. They applauded their own sefdemise,and now they are complaining.This is what they voted for,this is what they asked for,so SE LO MERECEN!


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