Bill Clinton knows another word for "trasnochos economicistas"

William Ojeda’s talanquera-pole-vaulting speech rejecting MUD’s “trasnochos economicistas” brought to mind this choice bit of Bill Clinton’s speech last night (from 1:02 in the clip):

You know, if William Ojeda wants to bolt from the MUD, good friggin’ ridance. The guy is a prime exemplar of premature-onset oppo dinosaurism. His dirty-tricks in the primary race against Juan Carlos Caldera in Petare were legion. By bolting 32 days before an election he says as much about his own character as any attack piece could.

William, buddy, don’t let the door hit you on your way out…

Didalco, de Lima, William Ojeda…you’d almost think the government is actively recruiting, wouldn’t you? The three we’ve had so far are hopeless batequebraos – but I wonder who they have lined up next?