The sound of our tears


On a day when violence tries, once again, to impose its will on all Venezuelans, here is an improvised piece by the great Gabriela Montero. It was recorded in Merano, Italy, a few days ago.

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  1. “Lo mas lamentable es que estos grupos violentos actúan justo frente al Destacamento 25 de la Guardia nacional y ninguno de los funcionarios salió a controlar la situación”

    Say what you will about Perez Jimenez, but this kind of crap just did not happen. That, plus all the same lack of liberties for dissidents of the current government, and I’ll take MPJ every day.

    • Please Maracaiburgh, that’s just a false equivalence, because there was less crime back then are we going to like a dictator? I don’t have to choose between two bad things, I want two positive things, I want a democracy and I want security… It’s like people who still defend Pinochet, I really can’t understand it, mind you I don’t understand people who like Chavez either, so plenty of stuff I don’t understant…

      • I think that saying that there was no crime in the Perez Jimenez government is inaccurate, there were less crimes against property, but there were state sponsored assassinations (Ruiz Pineda) state sponsored torture (Seguridad Nacional, Guasina Concentration Camp), rampant corruption (la maleta llena de plata de Pérez Jimenez) Not to mention that a much smaller country and cities and other circumstances not attributable to Perez Jimenez that might also influenced the low crime rate back then.

  2. True. It just angers me the way some Chavistas I know absolutely say that HRC is much better than MPJ, when it’s a) it really is two bad things and b) just, no.


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