Ad War Update, continued


The Chavez camp has decided to push the narrative of inevitability is its latest one-minute spot, focusing on footage of its rallys and what they called “…the most serious polls”.

A piece of advise: If you’re trying to push the “huge crowds” angle, using mostly “close ups” of individual supporters could be interpreted as a sign of weakness.

Meanwhile, the Capriles’ camp uses the testimony of a self-identified former Chavista.

Two-thirds of the campaign so far and no other candidates have released a spot. But Maria “Dame una ayudaita” Bolivar is now on the Internet and Twitter. Well, it’s something…

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  1. My aunt, a die-hard chavista lover, put this on her facebook.

    At least this pro chavez ad attempts to answer why one would vote for him.
    Albeit the answers are quite hollow, but you know, at least they gave it a reasonable shot, unlike so many other crazy chavista ads…

  2. Damn, Chavez visited 12 major cities in one minute. Chavistas are pretending that Chavez has been on tour visiting places across Venezuela with throngs of adoring people coming out just for a few seconds in the presence of their glorious leader. Is this a North Korean cult leader or what?

    He looks bloated again and is not walking. uh oh.

    Time for a fact checker to see if the cities were named correctly and when Chavez was last in those cities to see how recent.

    • Three of the mentioned places are parts of Caracas (Petare, El Valle and Antimano) and Caracas itself was metioned as well. So, only nine cities have been visited by Chavez so far. The latest informations hint that Merida could be next stop for “La Carroza”.

  3. “He looks bloated again and is not walking. uh oh.” Why would the brazilians choose to put this ad out there? It is jarring, especially because they show his poster for a very, very long time. Enough to notice the difference between offer and reality.

    Both Capriles videos are top notch. Chapeau!


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