Does anybody actually edit El Universal's opinion pages? UPDATED

deep deep sigh…

According to this opinion piece in El Universal, a couple of Venezuelan guys in Miami have just invented a perpetual motion machine of the second kind. Really.

Amazingly, although they are smart enough to invent a machine that overturns the fundamental tenets of modern physics, they weren’t quite smart enough to realize the logical next step was to raise venture capital, go commercial, and cash in on the literally trillions or dollars you could make with an invention that instantly renders all of the world’s oil, coal, nuclear, hydro-electric, wind, solar, and wave infrastructure obsolete. Instead, they thought the correct and logical next step was to publish their findings in a third rate South American newspaper.

Folks, here’s a modest hypothesis: when the second law of thermodynamics is falsified you will not learn about it from an opinion piece in El Universal; you will find out about it when your electric company sends you a check in the mail instead of a bill.

Seriously, does anybody actually edit the opinion pages in El Universal? I mean, literally, does anybody actually read what goes into them before they’re printed?

Because I don’t know which would be worse: that they did read this and didn’t spot how gallopingly scientifically illiterate it was, or that nobody bothered in the first place…

[Hat tip: JAPM…que bolas, chamo…]

UPDATE: Now I get it. It’s just a garden variety scam.