Closing arguments

The Governor makes his case in this, one of the final videos of the campaign.

I asked a friend close to the Comando Venezuela why Capriles didn’t emphasize the secrecy of the vote, one of the major concerns at this stage. He told me they find it’s best to not say it straight out. He says it’s more effective to give people reasons and courage to confront their fears about voting, than to simply say “the vote is secret.”

The strategy is then not to explain to people their vote is secret, but to empower them. When Capriles says “nobody has the right to threaten you,” he’s saying “use your vote and stick it to the man; do it for yourself.”

As a strategy, it’s unexpected, and oddly compelling.

Finally, doesn’t it say a lot that one of the crucial issues at this stage is people wanting to vote for Capriles … but being afraid to do so?

Nice “democracy” you’ve built here, Hugo.