The real star


As I watch this video that summarizes the unadulterated emotion of the Capriles campaign, I keep thinking it has only one real star: the hat.

When Tibisay Lucena demanded Capriles stop wearing the hat emblazoned with the colors of his, of our flag, she was really only reinforcing the basic message of chavismo for the past fourteen years: this is not your country.

That woke people up. They have transformed a simple baseball cap into a symbol of resistance. The CNE gave the Capriles campaign a gimmick it did not have, a fully patriotic one that reinforced their message: this country is for all of us.

If Capriles squeaks out a win, we will look back at Tibisay’s blunder as one of the biggest unforced errors of this campaign.

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  1. JC, this would make it too simple. Let’s see. Tibisay doesn’t want him to wear a hat but in the meantime, the country is visibly going down the drain. Dunno, but maybe the fact that Capriles has painted a picture of a prosperous future whereas the other guy has not could have more to do with his current success.

    • Well, true, but think about how many Venezuelan campaigns in the past have used a symbol to get its message across. Sometimes it’s an actual thing, sometimes it’s a catch phrase: the red beret, CAP’s “porfiao,” the “chiripero,” the “Si!,” “Aleyda Josefina.”

      The Capriles campaign didn’t really have a symbol and now it does – a memorable one.

  2. The cap alone would be an empty symbol were it not for the obvious, well-planned strategy on the campaign trail, since July. The cap alone would do little if it were not for the resonance of Capriles’ intrepid behaviour, sincere warmth, hopeful messages of peace, and accurate hardballs to the opposing camp.


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