Faces and Voices of an Election


I loved Portuguese photographer Eduardo Leal’s project, “Faces and Voices of an Election”: a strongly visual approximation to the story of Sunday’s vote.

I had fun trying to guess who the person in each photo will vote for before reading the blurb.

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  1. It’s amazing how many of the Chávez supporters are die-hard supporters who parrot his every line and word…

    • What amazed me the most is that most of the Chavez’ supporters say something like “I will vote for Chavez because his gave us such and such and BEFORE him we didn’t have such and such”.
      They always refer to the “past”. In their minds, Capriles represents the past and not a brand new option that can do better than anybody else.
      Chavez’ speech regarding the IVth deep inside.

      • A person I appreciate (still, weird how our feelings behave) told me that there were more dead people because of violence in 1998 than last year. Sigh

  2. Thanks for the link. I haven’t seen many of these gatherings because Chavez hasn’t had nearly as many as Capriles. Seeing this now makes me confident that Chavez will lose. I haven’t been this confident at all throughout this campaign. The enthusiasm for Chavez does not feel real. He’s walking amongst a group of people right now and they’re just smiling. If it was Capriles they would be reaching out and in tears, shaking.

  3. The young and female vote is predominately Capriles’. Sadly, the uneducated and poorest seem to still believe in Ch. Great link, thanks.

    • Bruni you may just choke on your 50-50 illusion on Sunday evening. The Chavez cierre de campaña is just winding down. I suggest you don’t watch it as you will be completely depre. Much more dynamic than the 2006 cierre de campaña and total politicla defeat for Capriles in the streets of Caracas today. Get ready for another 6 years.

      Your consolation is that you can vote for Stephen Harper and win in Canada.

        • The “incumbent” (what a joke) did not even manage to fill the Bolivar and had to go out again, after ending his “speech”, just not to lose even more votes among his frustrated “followers”. Pathetic.

      • Well Chávez may have full support among Autobots and Decepticons, but buses don’t vote man.

        Neither do a lot of the public workers that were forced to go, at least not for Chávez,

      • Arturo you sound like a 16 year old who’s just been dumped. Stephen Harper? I bet you want to vote for Justin Trudeau. I bet you do. I bet you’re depre because he doesn’t want YOU. Nobody likes you except Cort. Nobody. Loser.

          • Exactly. He set my fascist-o-meter glowing the first time I watched Alo Presidente. Mr. Toro makes an interesting point (I think): at the end of the day, Chavez is the retrograde option. Capriles is the progressive.

            Chavez, more than having any credible ideological affinity with the left, wants to take Venezuela back to the past, in this case, the distant, idealized past where everyone obeys the local caudillo, lives in some idealized rancho (that will never exist), is authetically and racially “venezuelan” with no outside influences (“corazon de mi patria”; that never existed), and lives by a set of unchallenged, collective values derived from a perverse and “heroic” interpretation of history, which valorizes the military, and promotes the militarization of civic life and civic institutions. In short, a fascist. Then again, who cares if its fascist or socialist. Its a monumental failure.

      • Arturo:
        What did you think about the photos and the legends?
        Oh yeah, that’s right. You are to busy bullying people around to actually do that and thinks what it means.

  4. Allahu Akbar–El tiempo De Dios Es Perfecto! It rained on Chavez’s poor Caracas parade today. Capriles more than filled 3 Interior state capitols, and is in Barquisimeto right now about to announce Henri Falcon as VP, in a brilliant strategic move to sew up key parts of the Interior vote (my guess).


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