OSGuido raises snark to an art form

East side kids burning piles of credibility for fun.

On the occassion of the agüevoneated right’s anti-“fraud” protests in Altamira last night, longtime reader OSGuido lets it rip.

Now this is what PanfletoNegro was invented for:

Gracias a los imbéciles protestando en Altamira. Se van a ver bellos en La Hojilla. […] Gracias, señores manifestantes, sobre todo, por hacerme entender algo: En verdad nos merecemos este gobierno y no sólo porque los chavistas votaron a su favor. Sino porque la desconexión de ustedes con la realidad es tal que elimina la posibilidad de una campaña efectiva que alcance a quien necesita convencer. Gracias por demostrarnos su grotesca falta de autocrítica, porque si perdieron en Nueva Esparta o en Zulia no se sentaron a pensar por qué pudieron haber perdido en un estado que supuestamente los apoya. No, más fácil que entender y asumir sus equivocaciones es empezar a gritar fraudeeeeee con la total arrogancia de quien sabe que el estado es “suyo” y ni siquiera considera que lo tiene que trabajar. La culpa es de ellos, no mía, al mejor estilo de carajito malcriado. Señores, si ustedes causan estos niveles de desprecio, asco y repulsión en este opositor recalcitrante que jamás ha votado por Chávez, ¿Cómo creen que los ve el resto del país?

I felt like I needed a bath after that…

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  1. I applaud this, I’ve been ranting about this since the results were known. It’s gotten to the point that a cousin deleted me from Facebook from saying simply what happened. I understand pain and sadness but I don’t understand this “vieja de Altamira” irrational behaviour.

  2. Well the firebugs on back on the side walks as of this morning and not in the streets, hopefully they will clean up their own garbage and stop being litter bugs. Every litter bit hurts.

  3. I am sure I am gonna get trolled but here it goes anyway.
    I actually don’t see what’s the big deal with this kids (for the pics I’ve seen they seem to be under 25) protesting in Altamira. 200 people burning trash out of 6 million is just nothing. Let them be. They will get their frustation out and go home.
    For me the biggest problem here is not them, it’s that programs like La Hojilla can exits and pseudo-democratic country.

    • Its not only some kids in the Plaza. Listen to several pundits who for some unknown reason have public notoriety cannibalizing the opposition because of the results and insinuating fraud and that the MUD sold out because they don’t like the results. Of course that we need to reflect on the results and what happened and rectify the mistakes that were made. But we need to stop being our wost enemies.

  4. !!!

    Thanks a lot, Quico. Seriously made my day.

    You all here know I am a very atypical oppo guy. But, differences and all, I am proud and supportive of the campaign that was run by Henrique et al. It was good, fair and a great effort. To see it tarnished like this incensed me, pretty much in the same way that incenses me the tarnishing of the ideals of social justice by a personality cult.

    • Ay si ay si, atypical oppo guy! The only Valera-bred geek living abroad who opposed Chavez!
      Excellent piece Guido, you hit it out of the park. The phrase “Se van a ver bellos en La Hojilla” is just so good, probably even good enough to make some of these people wake up from their delusion, but maybe not Goicoechea and Medina, those guys might be beyond repair.

    • Really! seriously! atypical? come on, even Capriles noticed how strange this protest was. You want to guess who was the first media outlet broadcasting the protest.

      For being a very atypical oppo guy, you played once more time in the hands of chavismo. So please don’t kid yourself.

      • Oh, I am not as weird as I thought. Bummer.

        Knowing that the rest of the oppo and commenters here care about socialist Zionism and kibbutzim as a model worth studying and that the co-ops in Emilia Romagna are the rage in Weston really put a smile on my face.

        I wish I could hug you, man!

    • And other upper middle class parishes such as el Cafetal also registered higher levels of abstention than the national mean. The Petare parish (where Henrique won by 7 points) had a lower abstention that either Chacao o el Cafetal. That’s why I think that the reading of the results is much more complicated than whats going around.

  5. Son unos decerebrados! I’ve seen the arguments of this “fraude” theories, today i saw a video that a guy showed an Act from a voting machine that stated that Reina Sequera got no votes and there was 2 void(?) votes and the in the CNE website it says that the number of votes for Reina Sequera is 1 (OMG) and the amount of void votes is… 3!! (DoubleOMG) and because of that the very “clever” guy said “Hubo fraude en mi mesa… ahi esta la prueba” well… LOL! What the guy failed to see was the votes made to unidad democratica y Piedra! Lets not even talk about the “regla de tres” theory… those people need to go back to 6th grade.

    • Y ni hablar de los comentaristas que dicen que hubo fraude porque los chavistas no celebraron (!!!)

      Hysterical blindness le dicen a eso.

  6. Very good…. But in a “democrática” country everybody and the cat is supposedly free to vent in their own style. Or not? I rather see this than the cochinada that the red zombie sold out masses leave behind in their wake, after a bus rally of their “corazón de la patria” ma$ter, iin our “chequera mata galán” country.

  7. Osguido I don’t agree with you papi. The time to remain calm is over. As opposition we have been trying to ackowledge our own mistakes and waiting results from the autocritic for many years and still results are not visible. Not because we are not efficient enough as a political force, but because the chavismo keeps playing an unfair game to us and “nos pasa el guevo por la nariz” everytime they want. Results in Zulia and Nueva Esparta are simply impossible, even if local goverments are not as efficient as in the past. Chavismo power is making fun of us again and the protests are valid. This election instead of leavinga sense of unity, divides and radicalize even more the majority of the country that is against this komunist state. We can’t continue thinking about how the chavismo sees us, because you know what? If we stay calm or fight, either way they are seeing us as the apatridas, pitiyanquis, burgueses when the reality is the other way. The fight is just starting as well as the ressistance.

  8. “Se van a ver bellos en La Hojilla”

    Truly out of the ballpark…

    It’s the same kind of thing I would tell to the major league fools who go protesting because of some caricature or movie about a Prophet, and just for the same reasons, not because I agree with them or care about their God or Prophet or anything they might believe but because I hate to see people being so completely unwise.

    Now you incensed me against these guys. Maria Alejandra Lopez is alive and well, and losing us every election future and present she humanly can.

  9. Great, although I don’t agree with the “váyanse a la mierda”, “que se los coja un burro” or “tiernen el presidente que se merecen” part. That’s not the sensible conclusion to this stupidity.

      • Well, it tends to be a comment from people outside the country, whose disgust is understandable, but essentially they’re like cursing their own relatives still living here, and half the country who is not Chavista, and the portion who doesn’t stand for the stupidity justly despised..

  10. Well… since when you people started to care what Hojilla says???.

    I think that since you can not bully a Chavista, you take your frustration against these people, so you criticize the action of these people and you’d think that you will feel good with yourself.

    But I digress, I yet have to see the first comment/article of this blog that really talks to the heart of chavismo base, or to the Venezuelan people in general for that matter. Is not the goal of the people that writes posts in this blog to have a sense of auto-critic with the opposition, it has been a windows to let it out your frustration and your take against the chavista government, even for the tiniest and ridiculous thing. For that, chavista like to provoke you and make fun of your take.

    What is the difference between you and those guys that went to Altamira?? the only reason you are not supporting this protest is that it was a tiny and little protest. Otherwise you will be plastering the same thing that they are saying in this and others blogs. So seriously guys give it a rest, nobody is buying your stance.


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