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Seen around town…

It seemed only fair, back when I asked my wife if she’d move to Venezuela with me if Capriles won the election, to answer yes when she asked “but would you move to Japan with me if he lost?”

Cunning, huh? Turns out she had a better read on 7-O than I did.

Long-story short, Kyoto turns out to be an excellent place to decamp to if you really want to put Venezuela out of your mind for some time. Between the 11-and-a-half-hour time difference and the super-intensive Japanese language course, I don’t have a lot of mindshare leftover for the blog. I mean, did you ever try to think through the Trujillo gubernatorial race while also trying to remember which one is 電車 and which one is 電話? Brutal, brutal stuff…

It’s probably just as well. I needed a few weeks off. I’ll be back eventually…

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  1. Glad to hear that you are temporarily resting from the Venezuelan madness. Have you gotten used to the difference in square footage?

  2. I think it’s wonderful. Kimi’s grandparents are delighted, Kanako reconnects, and you deepen your knowledge of Japanese language/customs — a winx3. Now for the real challenge: find a green (or yellow) moco.

  3. Francisco, my friend, remember that there are guys like me, from 24 to 30 years old, who look up to you, in a way that you have no idea. Your absence in the blogging with your inside and thoughts, could be so terribly missed. Because we read YOU every day to keep our minds, hearts and souls at ease.
    Maybe is the moment to say that CaracasChronicles, this blog, is a very important thing for me.
    and you and Juan Cristobal, are like an anchor, for now years.
    So please never ever leave us.
    And also let’s try to find a workaround inside our heads to keep on the fight. We need to save this country…. by 2018 or sooner. Take a break like you are doing, it’s more than OK!
    But remember, WE NEED YOU! I NEED YOU!

    • Wow. I am deeply honored (and slightly disturbed) … Thanks!

      Quico, if I had to go somewhere to gain peace of mind and perspective, Kyoto could well top the list. One of my favorite places in the world.

      • …and that was how The CCs groupy fan club was created…unless that was Quico sake-drunk in autolaudatory mode after failing in his japanese exam (which I suppose is very plausible)

      • I would not say it in that way, but indeed, Quico is a hero and role model for many Venezuelans, expats and living back home.
        Funny how my film director friend, my physicist friend, my political scientist friend, my favorite raspacanilla singer and my geek colleague in the same town that I never met there are all hooked to this blog.

  4. Best of luck, Quico! Here’s hoping you make it big in Japan.

    And count me with Fan #1… Caracas Chronicles is a staple, and the work Gustavo, JC and you have done is remarkable.

  5. I have been reading this blog for a little over 7 years. This month must have devastating for you guys, and for all venezuelan bloggers in general. Its amazing how guys have kept going for so long.
    Pero en el final cabo, la vida sigue
    Gracias por difundir información y expandir conciencia

  6. It’s a strategic move: Venezuela fast becoming a colony of China; Cuba slowly back to becoming a colony of the U. S.; and F. T. reporting on Venezuela from the Chinese viewpoint, but from Japan, with the New CC in Japanese for the time being….

  7. This just came to my inbox…

    Una pareja japonesa está discutiendo.

    El hombre grita:
    -Sukitaki ! ! !

    La mujer contesta:
    -Kowanini !

    El hombre dice:
    -Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo !

    La mujer, de rodillas, le suplica:
    -Mimi nakoundinda tinkouji ! !

    El hombre le contesta:
    -Na miaou kina tim kouji !

    …Y tú…, leyendo como si entendieras
    japonés… ¡Qué bolas!.

    Enjoy Japan Quico…!

  8. You moved to Japan!? Just when I left my beloved archipelago for Singapore, in my first SE Asian foray. Enjoy life there, I miss it dearly. And please keep writing (I would be one of the few who wouldn’t mind if it was in Japanese 😉

    (There is a point when they stop looking like squiggly houses and make sense as letters. fret not!)

  9. I’ll be glad to invite you a Tom Yum Goong and a Singha beer if you happen to come to Bangkok. Keep it up and good luck finding the green moco!

  10. Japanese language is a harsh mistress, but it’s kinda fun. As for living in Japan, well. Japan is a nice place to visit as a tourist. Life there is an entirely different matter.

    A gaijin will always be a gaijin…

  11. Quico, you have gone to the antipodes in terms of organization, respect and social order. I am not sure you can digest that change. Good Luck to you and your family. That it be for the best.


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