Where’s Waldo?


Today, Hugo Chávez went on TV.

Never mind what was discussed – some silly gibberish regarding the US election was hurled at unsuspecting viewers – the real news … is that Chávez was on TV.

Long gone are the days when Chávez was seemingly everywhere. The elections are over, and so are the nine-hour cadenas. In fact, the last time Chávez was seen in public – according to my recollection – was on November 1st, when he met with the Brazilian Foreign Minister.

This is all very bizarre. I have no clue what his medical condition is, but there is no doubt that going away for days on end is simply not normal for Chávez, particularly at a time when some of his candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial race seem to be struggling.

So, for now on, I will do my best to keep track of his public appearances, just for fun. Call it just another thing we blogsess about.

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  1. Try not to lose your mind following this guy every time he decides to appear in public, last thing that a narcissist needs is attention!

  2. The units of paja per second have not changed.
    Btw, Hugo’s looking rather rozagante, wouldn’t you say? Naturally, we didn’t see him in a walk-about.
    JVR is looking rather cadaverish.

  3. Keeping the public at large on edge would appear to be part of the job description as per his Caribbean mate who is either ta death’s door or engaged in protracted confabs about agriculture with leading foreign … dignitaries. Upshot, The Man becomes a pimpernel, á la “We seek him here, we seek him there,
    Those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
    Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell?
    That damned, elusive Pimpernel” : the elusive part only gives rise to more apprehension, is it now? Or not? Or maybe? Who does all that suit down to the ground. One guess is allowed.

  4. No one has a clue what his medical condition might be. But there are sure things. This is the 21st. century. Not the 22th. We don’t yet do nano-repairs nor genetic therapy. Which means that a patient with malignant, recurring cancer (who will probably never cease to be a cancer patient no matter if he actually survives) requiring surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has just gotten a hefty bill to foot, not from physicians and not in money, but from his own body and in health.

  5. Can’t you all talk about something more thanh is health( you have him dying several times now) not happening any time sooon, may out live y’all.

    Now if you want to talk about tail ending after the Democrats again ( useless) Obama will be more reactionary this time around than last, as the ’empires’ last days get longer and the Foreign ministry keeps the policy the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” rather than proletarian internationalism and not even that in many respects, they are selling oil to the # 1 imperialist besides capitalist China, Iran and Syria and US companies are all over the place in Venezuela…


    • Waiting for a country which is not an empire to stop being an empire will take a long time, probably forever. Chicken little, perhaps you should go warn the fox about that falling sky, he looks mighty lonely in his den.

      As to the Venezuelan Foreign ministry keeping the policy of “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” I agree. But it hasn’t “failed” to follow the policy of proletarian internationalism, it has never tried to at all, to fail at something, you need to try doing it. From the first second in office, Chavez has followed a Parochial worldview, making buddies with every recidivist country on the planet: eg. recognizing south Ossetia which RUSSIA ITSELF has admitted to having designs on annexing (Unlike say, Bosnia which the US has no designs to annex, occupy or puppetize).

      • I’m running, NorskeDiv, as fast as my little legs can carry me, to warn the fox and others.

        “The sky is falling! The empire’s last days get longer! International proletariats, unite!”

        — Chicken Little

  6. I think there’s a possibility that Chavez’ entire cancer thing was a ruse out of the playbook of Fidel. Fidel found a way to use his obscurity in sickness as a tool to call out “imperialist lies.” I think that they intentionally, over the years, even sent out false over the years to keep the whole “ha ha, they said Fidel was sick, again, and he’s not” in the public eye. The latest “Fidel is a vegetable” crap was the worst because people were thinking he was on life support or something. Turned out he was walking and apparently talking in reality.

  7. To me it seems like a vast improvement. As long as he is locked away hooked up to some medical machines, he isn’t wandering around pointing out buildings to be expropriated. The less active he is, the less damage he does, right?

    I’m also highly amused by the Chavistas who now feign offence that people speculate on Chavez’s health. This is after Chavez denies being sick at all! He lied about his health, than ran for re-election. He is the leader of a country, and has a history of lying about his health. If people didn’t speculate about his health, it would demonstrate they just don’t care about him.

    • Must admit, I think it’s an improvement too and makes being here more bearable despite the whole place falling down around us. At least we don’t have to listen to him anymore and wonder when he is going to STFU.


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