Where's Waldo?

Today, Hugo Chávez went on TV.

Never mind what was discussed – some silly gibberish regarding the US election was hurled at unsuspecting viewers – the real news … is that Chávez was on TV.

Long gone are the days when Chávez was seemingly everywhere. The elections are over, and so are the nine-hour cadenas. In fact, the last time Chávez was seen in public – according to my recollection – was on November 1st, when he met with the Brazilian Foreign Minister.

This is all very bizarre. I have no clue what his medical condition is, but there is no doubt that going away for days on end is simply not normal for Chávez, particularly at a time when some of his candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial race seem to be struggling.

So, for now on, I will do my best to keep track of his public appearances, just for fun. Call it just another thing we blogsess about.