Blowing smoke

Smoke-free environment? (HT: Laureano Marquez)

Today there was (is?) a fire in the International Hall of Venezuela’s main international airport.

What does State media say? It quotes the head of the airport saying everything is working normally. The Minister for Air and Water Transportation (yes, there is such a thing, don’t get me started) says that it was just the beginning of a fire, but that it didn’t materialize.

However, the terminal has been evacuated. Twitter is ablaze with stories of flights being canceled, and that is a picture of the ticket counters in the airport.

Apparently everything is excessively normal.

What gets me about this whole affair is how incompetent they are. You would think they could come up with a single spokesperson to convey, you know, the truth. Instead, what we have is amateurism on top of chapucería. Yes, things are normal. No, there was no fire. Please leave the building. There are no delays. No planes can take off. Argh!

None of these people know what they are doing, which makes them ideal candidates for top positions in the chavista administration.

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  1. The worst is that State media has decided to call every incident (from fires to floods) an affectation. Depressing.

  2. At this point , how much does incompetence matter in a country, that has opted for passivity against a regime that knows no honesty, decency, or respect for human rights ? The word ” priorities” comes to mind.

    • Incompetence and fires is normal the world over, what’s abnormal is government officials denying there is a fire while smoke is billowing out of the building.

      As the saying goes: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  3. The airport was shut down 4 hours due to a single reason: the fire, though localized and controllable, produced a heavy smoke that billowed out of the building through all hallways.

    If something’s not a tragedy, it can be labeled as normal. Shit happens, so do delays. That’s the Chavista logic.


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