In cold blood


Many years ago, a story in the New York Times about a family murdered in Kansas prompted Truman Capote to write his masterpiece, In Cold Blood.

Lo más horrible

Oh, what would Capote have done with the stories coming out of Chávez’s Venezuela.

For example, today we learn about a family of five in Mariara, senselessly murdered in a robbery.

The criminals killed the mother, Eufemia, the son, Carlos, and – get this – his pregnant girlfriend, Karen. The dad, Carlos, was murdered when he came home and found the criminals hard at work.

In keeping with the times, the news didn’t even make the front page of El Universal’s website. You have to dig in the “Sucesos” section to find any mention of the Mariara massacre.

Readers, however, know better than newspaper editors: the Mariara massacre is the most read news item today.

Someday, perhaps, we will cease being a society of animals. Perhaps.

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  1. omg! :'( how terrible. chavez’s cancer suffering would have to be hundred fold to pay for what he has transformed this wonderful country into. when my dad arrived post WWII and the nazi horror he called it a paradise. now it has become hell.

  2. Not sure of the quality of the book (haven’t read it) but someone in Venezuela is writing books on sad events such as this one.

    Allways wondered if its just a fate of our times these types of hedious crimes, and in general how prevalent in terms of level of population they occur in Venezuela

    General crimes and homicides I know we are (sadly) winning the race

  3. An acquaintance of mine that live in Sucre was also visited a few weeks ago by a gang at his home. They hold him, his wife and kids hostage for several hours, while they loaded everything in his truck. They stole everything they could fit in the truck, even the oven. They forced him at gunpoint to uninstall the TV set that was hanging on the wall. Not even the toys of the kids were safe. And while all this happened, one of the gang members was talking about killing the entire family, so they could not identify them. Luckily, the other guys were reluctant and they lived to tell the story.

    But the story does not end there. The police found the car a few hours later. Everything was in order and nothing was missing, but because of the paper work and whatnot, he had to wait until the next day. I guess nobody would be surprised if I tell that the guy went the next day and the truck was ransacked while under police custody.

    This happens many times a day, everyday. This sort of thing can only surprise people living abroad. In Venezuela they just put this sort of things in the “dog bites man” file.

  4. I suppose Nero’s happily playing the fiddle and planning his new and bigger house somewhere…

    Commonplace, in reality Nero did none such things while Rome burned. What Nero and Hugo have in common is that they always look for scapegoats. Though the fire was probably not Nero’s fault.

  5. Ah! la Venezuela roja, rojita.
    A relative of mine was also robbed last week in his own house. The leader of the band had no problems showing his face, in fact he was proud.
    – Look at me, I’m a malandro – he would say.

    The rub? They came in a truck of PDVSA.

  6. This story, apart from talking about the culture of criminality that is developing (or has developed) in Venezuela, speaks volumes of the control of information in Venezuela, too. Even an opposition-leaning paper is putting atrocities and major stories on the back burner because they become targets afterwards if not.


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