In cold blood

Many years ago, a story in the New York Times about a family murdered in Kansas prompted Truman Capote to write his masterpiece, In Cold Blood.

Lo más horrible

Oh, what would Capote have done with the stories coming out of Chávez’s Venezuela.

For example, today we learn about a family of five in Mariara, senselessly murdered in a robbery.

The criminals killed the mother, Eufemia, the son, Carlos, and – get this – his pregnant girlfriend, Karen. The dad, Carlos, was murdered when he came home and found the criminals hard at work.

In keeping with the times, the news didn’t even make the front page of El Universal’s website. You have to dig in the “Sucesos” section to find any mention of the Mariara massacre.

Readers, however, know better than newspaper editors: the Mariara massacre is the most read news item today.

Someday, perhaps, we will cease being a society of animals. Perhaps.

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