Caracas, crónica


If you’re suffering from nostalgia, you should stay away from this video by Carlos Oteyza on Caracas’ history in the XXth Century. Great stuff, from the archives of Bolívar Films.

(HT: FM)

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  1. Great documentary. It´s refreshing to remember how the city looked in a long gone pre-hyperpolarization era. Salvador Garmendia, William Niño Araque and even Banco Caracas did not live enough to see the city in it´s current state of decay and disarray

  2. Sure, it’s interesting, and making all that old footage available is always something to commend, but it’s not a great documentary. It substitutes information for platitudes and topics. It barely has a narrative backbone, making it little more than a parade of pretty takes without meaning (which is what they should have provided). It doesn’t even address the city’s chaotic nature, or how it is governed, making it all seem hugely phony, too much okey dokey.

    It’s interesting, mildly pretty, but that’s all.


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