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In my latest FP post, I try to make a link between J.M. Briceño Guerrero and Mitt Romney. Don’t know if I succeeded.

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  1. Marketing to the hispanics in the US will be as complicated as t trying to segment the differences between texan Mexican-americans, New Yorker PuertorIcan-american, and Florida’s Cuban-american, Venezuelan -American, brazilian-american, argentinian-american loooong Etc.

    Depending on the wave of inmigration, the origin countlry and the circunstances you ave a very complex set of values, aspirations, market segments.

    Naturally marketteers will approximate and segment broadly and target the most promising (size, growth rate, internal consistency, access) groups.

    Venezuelian Americans will be at the end of the cue in importance given its small relative size and recent history to the Latinamerican-“american” mix.

    Btw quico, you can never go wrong quoting JM briceno. Also one of my key authors to understadn our reality. Cheers.


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