27N Repeats Itself – First as Farce and then as Slapstick


Did you hear the one about the Chinese-made trainer jet that crashed in the air show to commemorate the failed putsch?!

Thing is, el Chigüire got ahead of himself this time, cuz that’s not even the punchline. The punchline is that the rescue helicopter they sent in to save the pilots got tangled up with their parachutes and itself crashed.

Man, I wouldn’t want to be the guy who gets tapped to go look for them

Mercifully, there were no major injuries which, additionally, means I don’t even feel bad for the big belly-laugh this got out of me.


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  1. That Dia de la Aviación was certainly expensive. Two Broncos, one K8 -whatever that is- and a Pilot dead. Luckily there is only one of those days per year.

  2. At the current rate of attrition, anyone got a projected date for when the Bolibanana armed forces run out of aircraft altogether? I imagine the guys in Moscow and Beijing who plan military aircraft production putting in a call to factory bosses to speed up the assembly lines.

    • Well, how many planes were in this airshow? From what I can gather, it was a few dozen. So we can say that including the preparation and execution of the airshow, the Venezuelan Air force has about a 10% casualty rate per exercise. At that rate, they will probably have no aircraft left after a dozen or so airshows.

      If the gringos invade, a Cessna would probably suffice. Simply fly along the edge of Venezuelan airspace a few dozen times. Each time the Venezuelan Air force scrambles, it will suffer about 10% losses through incompetence. The Empire need not even waste one bullet!

      • The empire does not need to waste even the Cessna’s fuel. It needs only for Hugo Chavez to go on living and “governing” Venezuela for our country to look thoroughly bombed.

  3. As with infrastructure and highways, crime and safety, health care, electricity, refineries and the oil industry and the military, the Venezuela Roja Rojita does not need to be at war to look like it underwent civil war, and then lost a conventional war and then was BOMBED.

    In the idlest of my fantasies I wonder, what could the gringos (or anyone else) send Venezuela that could achieve such horrid results at zero cost, should they really want to screw us? A: Hugo Chavez and chavismo! We Venezuelans must have a serious death-wish. I can’t picture anyone in the world hating us so much…

    • No one since the Huns, or the Nazis, have engaged in such a destructive invasion as Hugo Chavez’s invasion of Venezuela. Say what you want about the Iraq invasion, but at least “the empire” actually built new infrastructure and increased oil output. All Hugo Chavez has done is increase consumption, destroy infrastructure and decrease oil production while letting some oil money filter down the poor in the form of ephemeral poverty reduction. You’re completely right, no one but Venezuelans themselves would impose such outcomes on the country.


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