Sooner rather than later?


OK, Nico, you’re freaking me out now…

Watch it with the sound off…ufff.

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  1. The faces give it away from the beginning. But then comes the point, at about 1’12”, where Maduro says, ‘ … para mantener al pueblo informado y preparado…’ — and then loses it, because he obviously can’t complete the sentence in the obvious way by telling us what we’re supposed to be ‘prepared’ for.

      • I dunno, but Maduro is just one hot stinkin- pile of mush at the moment. Get that guy a Lexotanil a la vena, the guy is losing it. Completely unprepared to deal with the Presidency if he can’t deal with the death of his boss.

        • Taking into consideration what he knows, I would likely be to if I were in his position. He has a better idea than anyone else outside the inner circle of just how bad this transition is going to be when it happens.

          We are simply spectators along for the ride with some a little closer than others. He’s going to be at the center of the maelstrom and has a pretty good notion of probable outcomes, none of which likely favor him (or Venezuela) in the short or long term.

  2. I ask. Imagine that Chavez does not die, but he somehow makes it to the AN the 10th. Next day he declares Maduro VP and takes a leave for undetermined time to get better… Maduro takes the presidency but because Chavez is not dead but in a ” temporal” leave he rules the country for 6 more years. Unconstitutional? probably. Will they care? Not

    • Either you don’t want to say it or you don’t know anything about it. In 1915 Juan Vicente Gómez did what you’re saying: after being reelected he chose not to govern full time and entrusted the presidency to Victorino Márquez Bustillos for 7 years. In case you’re wondering: yes, we legally had two presidents during that time: an acting president in Caracas and the constitutional president in Maracay. Because of this prior experience is the reason a temporal absence must not last long.

  3. Diosdado speaking to the armed forces says that anyone who’s doubting the instructions Chávez gave to re-watch his message, and requested the video to be shown to the troops in case anyone is still not sure what those instructions were. Hmm.

    • So whats all the need of this jibber jabber when our armed forces are all Anti-mperialistas, Chavistas, Fisicoculturistas, Ebaristas, Nihilistas, istas, istas, istas revolucionarias?

      • just to make sure there are no factions surging to take over the jobs of Maduro and Cabello in this power vacuum. Cabello profits by seeding polarization, or a lot of “us vs. them”, logically, to foment cohesion in the ranks. It’s all classic manipulation.

  4. Maduro on intoning the date, had Diosdado double checking his watch calendar (53 secs).
    When you can’t even trust a colleague to recite the day of the month .. 🙂

  5. The NEW “catafalco” for Bolívar was “straight”. Chávez decided it had to have a bend. Doesn’t matter… as long as his corpse is there…

    • Funny thing, but I’m actually feeling sorry for him (as one human to another–not that he really deserves it). Quco was right in a previous post–in one way we will miss him–the histrionics, the buffoonery….

  6. True thing is that Diosdado expression on the beggining of the video express grief. The constant look at the sky. The hands… I’m not trying to be Mr.”lie-to-me” but seriously, watch.

    And what’s that thing about “to have the ppl correctly informed and prepared…” prepared? Prepared for what?

    • Yeah, funny about that. Now, finally, 19 months after this show began, the people are being “correctly informed” every couple of hours, unlike before, when people were being, erm, incorrectly informed?

      Preparations can be anything at this point. Too much uncertainty, which leads to instability, just the way the chavernment – or is that madurnment – would prefer.

      • for chavismo, apparently “people being correctly informed” = we still don’t know where the cancer is located, how risky the surgery is, or anything else that might help us have an idea exactly what the situation is… fuckin’ Cubans.

    • The cancer itself isn’t what could likely kill him very soon…the probabilities are very poor, but real miracles do occasionally happen….

  7. Who knows, with people whose first instinct is to lie, and who have no controls, checks or balances whatsoever on them to prevent it or to punish them after the fact? But this is mainly the fault of a people that LIKES to be deceived.

    Witness the relationship of the Fourth and the Fifth Republics, which really is a re-edition of the Fourth with only the nice lies, please.

    Speaking about the people and messages directed at them. I did a quick tour of Noticias 24 and I doubt the Peronista PR team did reach those levels of maudlin-ness and treacly-ness over Evita.


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