Adventures in supraconstitutionality

It's lovely in January
It’s lovely in January

Everyone is focused on quirky Article 233 of Venezuela’s Constitution. But what about its freaky cousin, Article 231? Here is what it says, in my rough translation:

Article 231. The candidate elected President will assume his or her role on January 10th of the first year of his or her term, by taking the oath in front of the National Assembly. If for any reason the President cannot take the oath in front of the National Assembly, he will do so in front of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

What are the chances that either the chavista majority or the entire Supreme Tribunal go to Havana to administer the oath to a dying Chávez, from his bed? Hell, I bet they wouldn’t even mind if he was unconscious, they will say they read his mind or something and voilá … oath taken, and habemus presidente.

As long as he is alive, Chávez will be President. I really doubt we are dealing with any different scenarios. It’s all oncological from here, folks.

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