Lovely Revolution of Love


CNN highlights what the Revolution is all about.

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  1. Naaaah, that was videoshopped by the CIA. Afiuni wasn’t raped. It’s all peace and love, inside prisons. If you don’t believe me, ask Iris Varela.

    • I loved how the way the piece was framed really brought home how alone Venezuelan NGO activists really are. Those people were in the streets, pateando aceras, pretty much on their own. They weren’t in some swank office or at some fancy conference.

  2. A note: The video was leaked by NGO Una Ventana a la Libertad, which specializes in our prison system. Days after the went public, the head of this NGO Carlos Nieto Palma was detained by the GNB and released hours later without charges. Our NGOs are really alone.

  3. Is that abuse? They used to hit us like that with a bat in the Navy every single night for the first six months and we weren’t criminals…
    What about the human rights of people who got killed bu these animals? Any thoughts?


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