A sobering thought


It’s strange to think that Hugo Chávez might be dead right now. Or he might die in the next 72 hours. Either way, we’d only hear about it on Monday. 

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  1. What we need to really brace ourselves for is the funeral! Will it be something Soviet style, Eva Peron? Or Princess Diana? (“And it seemed to me you lived your life like a triqui-traqui in the wind”). Then there is the subject of where will he be buried (on top of Bolivar). Streets airports and maybe even a municipio or two named after him. If I was an artist I would be casting bronzes statues of the guy asap. I see a huge commercial opportunity for any capitalist willing to make a fast buck. Oh and how about an iconic “Che” portrait? That could be a sure $$$ winner specially if any of our resident Hollywood Morons (Penn and Co) are seen wearing it! Right I am off to raise some seed capital

      • 10 days Quico? 10 days?? High treason I say!!! At least one month o national mourning! Don’t cry for me Venezuela….for I am ordinario not immortal” hmmm Chavez the Musical there is another idea. Sing along to your favourite Micomandante tunes. Starring Danny Glover as Hugo, (the rest of the cast can be filled in by clapping seals)

    • Bronze Statues? Just busts? Want one! I have an artistic idea. Build a Water Closet, and I have just the right idea for the bowl. Poetic justice and all, do what he always did with Venezuelans.

  2. I don’t think he is dead, but, did anybody said he opened the eyes? Put the faces from Maduro and the others and the information about “complications” “bleeding” and “Actualmente, el paciente se encuentra en una progresiva y favorable recuperación de los valores normales de sus signos vitales.” together, and what you get? The vital signs were out of the normal range…

    • Jorge Rodríguez was asked if they had some new message from Chávez, he spoke about Chávez in Vzla. Apparently, he is unconscious or unable to communicate at the moment. Rodriguez didn’t say something like: “he is recuperating from the OP, he don’t talk about politics yet…”

  3. Who knows? It’s a black box. We know only what they cannot hide.

    Of course we can be treated to some suspense building, and ta ta! Appears Hugo Chavez in a few days, putting on his best face and smile given the excruciating pain, desperately ill of cancer as he can only be expected to be at this time, condescending and patronizing those who wished him dead.

    Of course the usual Trollibarians and PSFs will take the occasion to assure us that the Comandante is nigh immortal, a revenant of sorts and that he, along with them will be there to thumb his nose at us for like forever. Curious they didn’t here, yet.

    And curiouser that they think we have no memory and keep no tally of the number of surgeries and chemo, radio and who knows what Hugo and his Cuban cronies did not tell us about. Curioser still that they don’t remember that we remember how many times they did lie about his health.

    Meanwhile, those of us with a brain and a bit of compassion will duly note that such reappearances and insistence on appearing at the helm only hasten the day when Hugo will not be with us anymore. It’s kinda sad, like seeing a man with a broken knee ligament insist on running and laming himself for life. Only this one kills himself.

    We want him out of power. But the crucifixion of Hugo Chavez is being done by him, his family and collaborators, with chavismo cheerleading all the way. Funny how these people love him. Unto death.

    • But the crucifixion of Hugo Chavez is being done by him, his family and collaborators, with chavismo cheerleading all the way. Funny how these people love him. Unto death.
      Now ^^^^^^ that is an interesting take and you very well may be right. I wish I was younger so I could read the history in 50 years.

      • I thought it was the only obvious thing. What consequences, if not these, could ensue? From having an aggressive cancer patient go on 24/7 like it was nothing. It defies all common sense. He, and those egging him on are killing him!

  4. Anyone ever notice that when a leader of a communist country dies, all the TV and radio stations play continuous patriotic music and show photos of the dead person with no news or words. This could be the first sign of Chavez demise. Let me keep checking.

  5. >It’s strange to think that Hugo Chávez might be dead right now.

    ND rumor mongering includes .. ‘decisión de desconectarlo del soporte artificial será muy difícil’
    It’s a sad, sad turn of events

  6. The thought that Chavez is enjoying a guiskicito in Cuba and all this is a huge scheme in which he puts a henchman to go through a set of macroeconomic corrective measures while he stays away from the heat is lingering in my head these days.


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