Life imitates "Cárcel o Infierno"


hqdefaultJust as a friendly reminder that, outside the Chávez Deathwatch bubble, life in Venezuela remains just as fucked up as it ever was, consider this: the pran (read: prison gang leader in charge of day-to-day running of the jail) at Yare I jail has been murdered, after a stray bullet at a meeting between prison gang leaders set off an all-out shoot out:

“Hubo un cambio de gobierno interno”, dijo el informante aludiendo a la reyerta carcelaria donde grupos rivales ultimaron a El Trompiz para quedarse con el control de la cárcel mirandina.

El llamado cambio de gobierno se produce en las cárceles cuando un nuevo grupo se impone sobre otro.” La plomazón tuvo su origen cuando en una reunión de “líderes” de Yare 1, a uno de ellos “se le escapo un tiro” según explicación dada en esa ocasión por la ministra Iris Varela.

“El Trompiz” fue ultimado por integrantes de su propio “carro” o compinches quienes le dispararon al unísono como si se tratara de un fusilamiento, revelo una fuente. A esta hora la situación en Yare I es tensa.

Now, where have I seen that before?

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  1. This is completely OT, but here goes: Quico, I don’t like the quote that heads the blog. It is an excuse for un-charitable behavior.

  2. Well hopefully some of you who might land in prison someday have a way to protect yourselves, even in the old US of A most in the hoosegow, people are armed (shanks) in one way or another.

    • Hey guys, I am working on a Chavez fan PSFer bot. The general structure of its speech algorithm goes likes this

      “Excuse me, fascist/right-winger/oligarch individual, but clearly this -insert problem/fault of the Chavez reign being discussed- is only equally bad, if not worst, than -insert here US, Europe, colonial Europe empires, Israel-, I am sure you are not aware of this, because I have dedicated vast amounts of time to becoming an expert about the many crimes committed by -insert here US, Europe, colonial Europe empires, Israel-, or perhaps you are in fact aware, which leads me to conclude that the only possible explanation for you complaining about -insert problem/fault of the Chavez reign being discussed- is that you are a fascist/right-winger/oligarch.”

      Lather, Rinse and repeat. Hasta la victoria siempre.

    • Your potential for mental acrobatics amazes and confounds me. Prisons are supposed to be controlled environments, and if violence is unacceptable, there should be zero tolerance for improvised weapons, and inmates armed with real weapons are simply unthinkable. The situation in Venezuela is unthinkable, dantesque.

      Oh, you got ample exercise justifying 54 years of bloody (literally) dictatorship.

    • Are you… really saying that? I don’t generally read your posts because they tend to be weighty and long, but the short snippets like this I can spend effort on. But really, this is mind boggling. It’s hard to think that someone could think this up unless they were willfully trolling. Shanks and the like are contraband, they’re banned, not allowed. In Venezuelan prisons guns are easier to get than food.

    • in essence life didn’t imitated Cárcel o infierno since Cárcel o infierno is just a reflection of what happens on a daily basis in an inmate’s life


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